The Scotland County Ministerial Alliance met at the Memphis First Christian Church at 6 p.m. on February 18th for the annual evening meeting and supper.

Members present were Mark Appold, Karen Biggs, Josh Black, Pamela Glasgow, Dan Hite, Jack Sumption, Mary Lou Toft, and Dee Wiley. Visitors were John Dungan, Carol Drydenm, Jeannie Childress, Pam Kelley, Tracy Moore. and Karen Norton.

The meeting opened with prayer by Jack Sumption at 6:15 p.m.

John Dungan, Red Cross Representative, gave a presentation to the group, explaining the resources the Red Cross has to offer  communities and opportunities the local churches may have to minister to people through a partnership with Red Cross.

He explained the “Smoke Alarm” program, with free smoke alarms available to homeowners and renters, noting churches may assist in several ways, including conducting sign ups among the community, identifying installation teams from among church members, and training to do presentations for emergencies. If there are individuals in the community of churches who would like to organize sign ups, do installations, follow up emergency plan teachers, they should contact the Ministerial Alliance.

Dungan also discussed the Red Cross Disaster Action Team, which is in need of volunteers who train to provide Red Cross resources to individuals and families at the time of a fire.

The Ministerial alliance agreed it would be beneficial to have at least one individual, but several who could be prepared to respond  to these types of needs. Anyone interested is asked to contact the Ministerial Alliance.

Dungan also touched on how congregations may assist in becoming “sheltering” centers, which has been a rare need in this community, but still prudent to be prepared.

Following a break for supper, Dee Wiley presented the treasurer’s report, announcing balances as of February 18 of: Food Pantry – $1,091.04; Tiger Packs – $2,229.00; Youth Fund –    $4,753.23;

Please note if you are depositing funds to the SCMA – Be sure to designate to which fund the deposit is meant for.

The ministerial alliance members then heard from Tracy Moore with Halo House. Moore is a domestic violence survivor and has a heart for helping others with needs. She reported that Halo House is for women in crisis.  She works with many different circumstances to help people with a variety of needs like finding resources to help meet urgent needs; connecting with counseling, salvation army, vocational rehab, some clothing and financial needs, etc.

The Halo House is currently located on the southwest corner of the square (formerly City Hall and the USCellular store).

Carol Dryden reported that the Food Pantry is functioning well. She informed the group that she is the contact person for Scotland County with the Central Mo. Food Bank in the event of a disaster where food may be needed.

The SCMA discussed upcoming events including a Good Friday service hosted by the Memphis United Methodist Church. Baccalaureate 2019 at Scotland County R-I will feature speaker Josh Black. National Day of Prayer will be hosted by Ignite Ministries. Worship in the Park was tentatively scheduled for May 19.

The group also discussed attempting to identify volunteers who may provide transportation for those in need following hospital stays and other circumstances. SCMA will consider compiling a list of people from its congregations who may be willing to assist as needs arise.

A question arose at the February meeting about meeting overnight lodging needs that may arise for people who reside in Scotland County.  SCMA policy does not provide for lodging at the local motel for individuals in Scotland County. The group discussed options when special needs arise.

The gathering also discussed the local youth center and what ways the SCMA might be able to assist and support the youth center board in renewing the youth programming at the center.

The next meeting of the Scotland County Ministerial Alliance will be Wednesday, March 20th at 1 p.m. at the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Memphis.