The Scotland County Ministerial Alliance met at the St. Paul Lutheran Church on December 12.  Those present were Marie Ebeling, Pamela Glasgow, Dan Hite and Jack Sumption.  Guest was John Dungan representing the Red Cross.

John Dungan spoke relative to opportunities to partner with the Red Cross and disaster relief that they provide.  John will return in February to an evening meeting to discuss different topics.

There were approximately 70 in attendance at the Thanksgiving service.  Need to suggest changes to next year’s service.  Illness and prior commitments took a toll on this year’s service.

The Clothes Closet report indicated there is much need and opportunity for this ministry to continue.  The potential for the ministry is very positive. Some modifications to the original proposal are being discussed.  Please continue to pray for this endeavor.

The Food Pantry will have to provide a freezer for the venison harvest which provides approximately 2,000 lbs. of meat at the peak of the season.  We will be responsible for providing this freezer.

More on the clothes closet at a later date.

Next meeting is January 9, at 1:00 p.m. at the St. Paul Lutheran Church.

Submitted by Sandra Ebeling