The Scotland County Ministerial Alliance (SCMA) met on November 14th at the Lutheran Church.  Those in attendance were Mark Appold, Karen Biggs, Josh Black, Marie Ebeling, Pamela Glasgow, Dan Hite, Jack Sumption, Mary Lou Toft, and Scott Wickert.

The youth of the community are having worship services. The first service was held at the Baptist Church.  The next one is planned to be held at the Memphis First Christian Church in February, 2019.  Any congregation interested in participating and or hosting is welcome to contact Josh Black from Memphis First Baptist Church or Josiah Holloway from the Christian Church.

If any church in the community would like their Christmas services announced, please do so by the next meeting.  Approximately 200 families will receive the information.

Scott Wickert presented some basic information about the proposed structure with a question about enlarging the size of the building. After some conversation it was determined to further assess the needs and the ways the ministry is serving the needs of the community.  More research will be pursued.  Please pray for guidance in this ministry.

The Tiger pack ministry is in need of funding.  Please encourage congregations to donate peanut butter and saltine crackers. They would also appreciate breakfast/protein bars.

Submitted by Sandra Ebeling