The weather this morning is cold and dreary.  It’s sounds as if we might be in for some winter mix weather again this April.  Mother Nature is fooling with us once again.  Wet weather is predicted for the next three months.  I am still feeding all the birds sunflower seeds. I had several happy visitors yesterday, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Red-bellied wood peckers and more.  It was like they knew something we did not know about the weather. 

I have paid the price this week.  I have had two small migraine episodes. No matter how small, having one two days in a row takes it toll on a person physically.  The next two days are usually hard ones for me.  To venture from the subject of birds, I would like to address the migraine season.  It seems to be something with me about the change of seasons.   I also have trouble with the barometric pressure when it drops under 30. 

Many of my relatives have the same issues.  My father had migraines as well.  In the early 1900’s when he was suffering, they called them sick headaches, had no cure, but to go to bed for about three days, and get over them.  Many years ago, I had to do the same, and went to a neurologist who recommended a baby aspirin per day and some other medication.  He said that he treated migraine sufferers the same ways he treated stroke victims.

Some migraines are different.  With mine, I lose some eyesight, have the aura in different places, and usually lose about an hour trying to get over it.  I do have piercings that I believe ease the severity of the actual onset and duration of headache.  Sometimes, I can go on about my day and work right through a migraine. I also take Gabapentin which is known to help, magnesium which is also known to help, and Vanquish (over the counter) which helps a great deal during the actual headache. 

I have also started drinking the Elevate Coffee and taking a supplement from them that I feel helps a great deal. Although, caffeine can aggravate the headache situation, it has always been said to drink a strong cup of black coffee at the onset of the headache.  A quiet dark room always helps. 

I guess stress bothers me as well. My headaches usually happen when I have a big day ahead or something I’m working on is stressful. Who in this day and age can live a stress free life? Birdwatching helps with that for sure.  I am so anxious to get on with spring.  Let’s hope the last half of April is better and we can get out and enjoy nature and our surroundings.  Until next time, good bird watching.