The team of Cole Mazziotti, Keeley Brown, Lilly Frederick, and Wesley McSparren competed in the 9-10 Mixed Freestyle Relay.

The Memphis Swim Team competed in the River Country Swim League 10 & Under meet on June 23 at Kahoka.  Swimmers placing in the top 10 and participating swimmers are listed below:

Mixed 8U Free Relay -1st, Jaden Bergeson, Sadie Williamson, Elle Wentworth, Brant Heine; 3rd, Reece Bergeson, Cammy Frederick, Kierstyn Moore, Addy Frederick

Mixed 9-10 Free Relay – 6th, Keeley Brown, Lilly Frederick, Cole Mazziotti, Wesley McSparren

6U Girls Backstroke – Kierstyn Moore, 3rd

7-8 Girls Backstroke – Elle Wentworth, 1st; Sadie Williamson

7-8 Boys Backstroke – Jaden Bergeson, 3rd; Brant Heine, 4th

9-10 Girls Backstroke – Keeley Brown, 2nd; Lilly Frederick, 3rd; Finley Heine, Cole Mazziotti, Kelsey Buckallew

9-10 Boys Backstroke – Wesley McSparren, 6th

8U Boys 50 Free – Brant Heine, 5th; Jaden Bergeson, 6th

9-10 Girls 50 Free – Keeley Brown, 8th; Lilly Frederick, 10th

9-10 Boys 50 Free – Wesley McSparren, 8th

7-8 Boys Breaststroke – Brant Heine, 6th; Jaden Bergeson, 7th

9-10 Girls Breaststroke – Finley Heine, 8th

9-10 Boys Breaststroke – Wesley McSparren

9-10 Girls Butterfly – Finley Heine, 5th; Cole Mazziotti, 10th

6U Girls 25 Free – Kierstyn Moore, 1st; Cammy Frederick, 7th

6U Boys 25 Free – Reece Bergeson, 6th

7-8 Girls 25 Free – Elle Wentworth, 2nd; Addy Frederick, Sadie Williamson

7-8 Boys 25 Free – Brant Heine, 3rd; Jaden Bergeson, 4th; Carter Williamson

9-10 Girls 25 Free – Keeley Brown, 8th; Cole Mazziotti, 9th; Kelsey Buckallew, Finley Heine, Lilly Frederick

9-10 Boys 25 Free – Wesley McSparren, 6th

Girls 9-10 Medley Relay – 2nd, Keeley Brown, Finley Heine, Cole Mazziotti, Lilly Frederick