Memphis Marshal Jeremy Head presented a trio of budget proposals to the Memphis Board of Aldermen at the August 1st city council meeting related to upgrading equipment for his force.

Head presented quotes on six separate body camera providers that would provide four units for the MPD. The systems would record audio and video related to officer interactions with the public for evidentiary purposes.

Providers included Axon, Pro-Vision, Reveal, Watch Guard, Wolcom Halo and Motorola and ranged in price from between $10,000 to $30,000 for five-year contracts that involved data storage and chain of evidence systems.

Head also presented a price quote from the city’s current taser provider, Axon Enterprises of Scottsdale, AZ, to replace the department’s three units at a cost of $7,618.30 over a five year agreement.

Finally Head presented a proposal from IDS Applications, Inc. for new Lawman Records Management software to streamline the department’s recording keeping of report filing at a cost of $3,000 a year.

The council took all three issues under advisement in preparation for budget meetings later this month to finalize the new fiscal year budget that will begin in September.

Head also presented the council with a summary of MPD activity during the month of July, reporting 43 total calls for service including three peace disturbances, four thefts or burglaries, one trespass and two motor vehicle accidents. officers responded to nine calls related to suspicious activities and made four assists to other agencies while also handling four animal calls and performing the well-being checks.

The department responded to three domestic disturbances and made two peace keeping responses for extra security. Officers made eight traffic stops resulting in two citations.