A pair of timely tips from citizens, including of the victims, helped the Memphis Police Department make an arrest related to a number of burglaries in town.

Just before noon on August 23rd, Memphis Police Chief Bill Holland was contacted by a Memphis man reporting that his home had been burglarized.

En route to the residence, Holland received a second citizen contact, reporting a suspicious vehicle in the alley near the burglary site on Clay Street.

Holland responded to the scene and made contact with the vehicle. While questioning the vehicle’s occupant, the burglary victim made contact with Holland and shared video surveillance of his home, which appeared to identify the vehicle’s driver as the suspect in his home.

Brandon J. Albertson, 30, of Memphis, was taken into custody at this time. A search of the vehicle produced a Xbox game console allegedly stolen in the burglary at 428 N Clay Street.

According to court documents, the residence had previously been broken into on August 5th, leading the owner to install a security camera, that sent surveillance video directly to the owner’s cellular phone.

Holland indicated that was important, as Albertson allegedly stole the camera from the home along with the gaming console. The camera was later recovered at Albertson’s residence.

The MPD indicated it was investigating a number of other reported thefts in the neighborhood and additional charges are pending versus Albertson.

Albertson was transported to the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office where he was booked on felony burglary and forgery charges.

He faces two counts of class D felony burglary stemming from August 23 and August 5 break ins at the Clay Street residence. Court documents also show that he was charged with a class D felony of forgery and a class A misdemeanor of stealing by deceit for allegedly stealing a checkbook from the property and passing at least one check on the account at a local convenience store. Albertson was also charged with a class D felony count of stealing for allegedly appropriating a 2005 Cadillac from another neighbor. It was the vehicle he was allegedly located in at the time of his arrest.

Albertson is being held in the Scotland County Jail on $25,000 cash only bond. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 12th at 9 a.m.