By her kind offer and actions, Karri Feeney confirmed for me this month why I love Memphis Missouri and the Memphis Democrat.

I am the grandson of Carl Pryor and Silas West, both veterans, buried at the Memphis cemetery. I donated to Wreaths Across America to have their two graves honored for Christmas 2018 as they were in 2017. Since I no longer have family in Memphis or Gorin, I called Karri to ask if she could confirm wreaths were placed at the grave sites. She said she would check.

Karri took the time to go to the cemetery, find the two graves, and email me pictures that confirmed my fear. No wreaths were placed this year. In addition, Karri emailed me the plot map for the cemetery.

I have subscribed to the Memphis Democrat for many years. Reading it each week at my home in Texas fondly reminds me of tenderloin sandwiches at Keith’s, new blue jeans from Cook’s Men Store each summer my brother Dick and I visited Carl and Carrie Pryor’s farm in Gorin and whistling past the door of Gerth Funeral Home.

Memphis and The Memphis Democrat are my Mayberry. Thank you Karri for keeping my faith in Memphis and mankind.  

Tom Pryor

11609 Mayfield Dr.

Denton, TX 76207