The 2019 Memphis FFA Coon Hunt will be held on Wednesday, November 27th.  Registration will be from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Scotland County Fairgrounds in the art hall. The teams will be released to hunt at 7:00 and will all need to be checked back in at the art hall by 10:00 pm. The cost to enter in $2.00 per person and $3.00 per dog.

Rules are Regulations:

-All teams must have at least one Memphis FFA Member and at least one coon dog. (If you need an FFA Member please contact Memphis FFA Advisor, Waltedda Blessing, at 660-465-8901).

-Everyone on the team, including the dogs, must be present at time of registration.

-Teams cannot leave before 7:00 pm (Time will be determined by official clock at headquarters.)

-All team members and dogs must return to headquarters by 10:00 pm (Time will be determined by official clock at headquarters.)

-Coons must be killed the night of the hunt.

-Coons must me brought whole back to headquarters. (NO SKINNED COONS).

-No trapping of coons can be used at the hunt.

-All local, state, and federal laws must be followed, as well as the regulations of the Missouri Wildlife Code. Observed or suspected violations will be grounds for disqualifications, and appropriate authorities will be notified.

-All coons may be subjected to inspection by the conservation agent.

-Team with biggest coons by weight will be declared winner.

-If there is a tie, the second heaviest coon will be used to determine winner.

-Ruling by the hunt officials is final.

-You must have a small animal game license. (TRAPPING LICENSE DOES NOT WORK)

Plaques will be awarded for: Biggest Coon, Smallest Coon and Fastest Skinner.

The Memphis FFA Chapter is holding a coon hunt as a fun event and to encourage community involvement. They would love to see members from the community participate and many teams sign up.

Soup and refreshments will be available at headquarters upon return from hunting.

Be safe, play fair, and have fun!!