Summer is in full swing.  I took a break from mowing during that dry spell. My dry to say the least. We have received three plus inches of rain in the last 10 days or so, but still need to keep raining over the summer to catch up.

I have had so much happen here in the yard and on the trails.  Most of it, if not all is due to a masked four legged creature called a Raccoon. (Coons here in this part of the world, as I will refer to them in this article).

Last week, I had been noticing less noise from my Martins. They are always out and ready to chat with me when I am in the yard. You guessed it! Coons had climbed the pole tore up all the nests. I was livid. Some of the female Martins are still here sitting on the dead tree limbs and electric lines.  Such a sad sight. I also have lost numerous bluebird eggs to coons, and wrens.  Trouble to say the least.  This matter is being taken care of.

I have a yard full of beautiful birds right now, and lots on the trails. I have a Chipping Sparrow nesting right out my dining room window, two Wrens in the yard singing from morning til night, Goldfinches eating at my feeder, hummingbirds entertaining me, (when I can keep the House Sparrows off the feeders), two Bluebirds nesting in the yard.  I have had one clutch of baby blues fly from here in the yard.  That hint of blue is something to see.

I have several blues nesting right now on the trails if I can ward off the coons. I grease the posts and poles, which usually helps, but this particular year, the masked varmints are thick and hungry.

These past few mornings have been so beautiful to sit on the deck and enjoy the birds. The Wrens are singing to me as I write.  Now, don’t get me wrong I love them. My mother always had a wren house on her front porch, and the sound of the wrens reminds me so of home in Antioch.  Such a sweet sound.  However, they can be very territorial and mean to their neighbors.  They will crack all the bluebird eggs and go ahead and build their nest right on top of the old nest. How rude and selfish. I have wren houses on the pond for them, to try and prevent this and usually it helps, but at times, they have invaded almost each of my bluebird houses on at least two trails. I’ve had lots of Robins raised too.  I love hearing their early morning song and evening trills.

The hot weather was really hard on all the animals.  I have fresh water in several places for them.  Please keep fresh water out for your feathered friends, and until next time good bird watching.