Dear Editor,

One among us read our caption in his devotional just this morning;

“The Frustration Of The Divine Plan Is Man’s Tragedy!”

“Yep!” spoke another, quote; “We been thinkin’ that very thought all along! There’s not a one amongst us who has not mentioned cleaning up our acts of life so God can continue with HIS divine plan of making a Heaven ON Earth for us, and He made us in THEIR IMAGE!

Did He just think up like we are, or what?”  Quote another: “We’ve read In The Beginning a thousand times and we’ve decided we will NEVER figure out that answer.” Another, quote; “Right! Moses was either short of writing paper or he didn’t have the time remaining to go into detail or maybe he is like us! He just knew by that time in TIME that things had got into such a mess he just wrote what he knew or thought he knew. He sure had a good relationship with God obviously, and maybe by then, between ’em they best make as good a record as they could for the sake of not losing track of from whence we came!” Quote The Loud One; “Yeah!”  Another, quote; “Well, getting back to God’s Plan for a Heaven on Earth, obviously He had a plan and obviously, HIS created mankind messed it up, screaming and shouting our way through life for eons of time and not getting orders from Headquarters anymore” interrupted by another, quote; “that makes it a tragedy for us that obviously, He has run out of divine patience because we have lost sight of the true facts in the Beginning! Oke! Now I see where you’re goin'” interrupted by another, quote; “Me too! God’s plans are like some slogans – ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!” The Loud One, quote;

“Yeah! He had a perfect setup in The Garden of Eden to continue to develop earth and all future Adams and Eves into a peaceful universe who never heard of war or personal wealth but everything was shared!” Another, quote; “Obviously, somebody, well, according to the Scriptures, the men lost track of how many women and girls they violated and plundered, and that ain’t just us makin’ a smart alec remark – it is right there in The Book, in The Beginning! Oh! Joy in the morning! It is as simple as a nose on your face!” then another, quote; “Great day in the morning you said it right! We are absolutely HIS SERVANTS and there is no way out of that except to refuse to acknowledge that truth and live a life of hell on earth -” interrupted by another, quote: “and eternal life in Hellish torment mental and emotional! interrupted by yet another, quote; “outside the perimeter of God’s Light and Perfect Love but forever in the dark” – interrupted by another, quote; “all because we forgot to continue to bow our GIFT OF THOUGHT to HIS HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN US!”

“More than that even! Satan has filled this world with his nasty lowdown way of thought and God will have NONE OF IT IN HIS HEAVEN ON EARTH.” Another, quote; OH NO! HE WON’T allow filthy satanic action or humor, but we know for a fact that He loves a merry heart and a good clean sense of humor, but insulting others and putting another down mentally or emotionally won’t scour in Heaven!”

Another, quote; “WE SAY, my wife and I, that if this entire magnificent United States of America will submit ourselves to God, both mentally and physically, and imagine us as THE TRUE ARMY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AND YIELD THE WORLDLY BATTLE WITH SATAN TO JESUS AND OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, THIS EARTH WOULD BE A DIFFERENT PLACE IN A HEARTBEAT!”

Well, others have written songs to that effect so we don’t even need to think up a new one, we just need to stop thinking for ourselves and KNOWINGLY, NOT INDIFFERENTLY, listening to THEIR CHRIST SPIRIT WITHIN EACH OF US, (THE VOICE OF GOD) SPEAK THROUGH US, (feel in our minds HIS SILENT FOOTFALL IN OUR BRAINS) AND LET THEM  WALK ALL OVER WHATEVER SATAN MAY THINK (obviously, Satan has the upper hand on earth, and obviously war after war is not going to help GOD’S cause toward our Heaven on Earth)! Also obviously, Moses was at one time, the only person ON earth who could hear God’s voice clearly, or even feel His silent leading within his heart. Cecil B. DeMille produced and directed that famous of all movies “The Ten Commandments”, since the movie knowledge was given him and his crew way back in the 1960s and 70s. Now Roma Downy and her partner have produced more fantastic ones centered on principle characters written about in the Bible. We have yet to see any of them, but knowing Roma from her early days in TV, we hope to see them all and relive over and over, God’s effort to make HIS voice heard above the din of mankind.

Our inspired moment – To worship God, we must worship HIM in Spirit, because that is what thought is – spirit. It lives forever. To honor is to give perfect thought to HIM ONLY. Thought is silent, so we must be HIS Voice and allow HIM to speak through us. No graven image of HIM is allowed – just do not ever be ashamed of bowing our heads (HIS TEMPLE) in public or alone, or HE will be ashamed to bow HIS Temple to us. HE IS – I AM!

Love and Blessings from ALL THE OLD TIMERS, with Bette Wiley