Dear Editor,

We thought Twain remarked  “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” but we were wrong. Chris did a bit of research for us and  learned that it is the title of a poem by that same name written by William Ross Wallace sometime between 1819 and 1881, his  life span.

He also penned this observation, “Our God is the Soveriegn King of the Universe and has blessed Mothers with an awesome responsibility.” One of four verses reads: “Woman, how divine your mission here upon our natal sod! Keep, oh, keep your young heart open always to the breath of God!”

So ladies, keep your motors revved up as we go full steam ahead with the responsibility God has given us!! Spread the word for God to have His own way with us and our female descendants and any other who may pass our way. Quote one among us, “It gives me warm goose bumps when He says we carry in us His Life Center! Another,” I know what you mean! It never  occurred to me that it was a holy place! The very thought of being a close consort with Jesus Christ is just fantastic!”

Wallace made his observation and so did Shakespeare when he wrote “Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned!!” That is an understatement now, so just watch out our dust don’t choke you to death!! God made us as an afterthought when He found that Adam couldn’t reproduce himself. We really are the Center of Life and GOD IS  the very Spirit of Love, but old great (a gazillion times removed) grandpa made a mockery of it and women have been punished and ill-thought-of ever since!! Praise the Lord, we finally learned to still our own thoughts and take the advice of the disciples to “have in us the mind Christ.”  Now we know when God speaks to us, and HIS messages come through loud and clear!”

The women among us had  their fun, but we all knew they were dead serious, and correct! “That is when, in Genesis 3 KJV, death of our bodies became a reality”, quote the Lady of the Coin vision; “He will forgive us just as Jesus tells us He will, but we sure have a lot of giving thanks to do, and telling HIM to  have His own way so we can all get back to Eden after death of our bodies!! The Kingdom  of God is in male and female alike. His loving Spirit will never leave us, but we sure better get into pleasing HIM night and day. His patience is about run out!”

The Quiet One spoke for the first time, quote: “I overheard one say to another at lunch recently, “You don’t really swallow all that noise about the Ten Commandments and ‘God says to do this and not that,’ do you? Things have changed since the Beginning and He don’t carry any weight anymore!” I just had to speak up, so I told him real fast that only people and their ways have changed from bad to worse, but God put this world together and gave His rules as to how to make it succeed and none of THAT has changed one single iota, so he best join the rest of us and get on the same page with God, because the Book of Life has about come to a close!!! THE END, Comprehend?”

Our defining thought:  AMEN A-GEN and a-GEN!!!

Love and Blessings from ALL THE OLD TIMERS, with Bette