Dear Editor,

October 13th and 14th there will be a candlelit tour of Memphis past, through a tour of museums: the Downing House, the Memphis Depot, the Carriage House, Summer Kitchen, the Boyer House, and the Barnett Statue.

Thinking about Memphis history led me to consider heroes of Memphis present:

Thirty-five years ago, Harlo Donelson and family arrived in Memphis for Harlo to practice dentistry.  If you’ve had a toothache or misbehaving dentures, he’s your hero.

He’s worked hours at the theater with whatever job is at hand; securing entertainment, creating a welcome atmosphere, securing additional seating as needed, plus—you get the idea.

He has devoted hours to the Tiger Trail to make it into a Garden of Eden.

He has a wonderful voice and I don’t doubt that he could memorize the United States Constitution if he sets his mind to it.

He’s a family man, carrying for his wife Joyce in his heart, and he loves his son, Wes, and granddaughters big time!  In my mind he’s a hero.

Then, how about Doc Wiggins, champion of agriculture and preserving the county’s past?

How about Jeff Davis;, a bright young man out of medical school who has spent years practicing medicine.

Then there’s Shane Wilson, a paramedic turned doctor in cardiology, and paramedic Jason Moss.

How about veteran, Leon Buford, who has worked to better the LPN association, helped with the Antique Fair, and Pastors the Pentecostal Church.

There’s a farmer who lives in Memphis that has farmed acres to feed the world.  Farmers have a tough occupation and deserve our respect as do the drivers that haul grain to the elevators.

There’s mechanic Dean Smooth who strives to find odd and out-dated pieces of repair to keep the equipment functioning.

There’s the Ministerial Alliance working to nourish children, provide school needs, and coats; serving the world’s greatest hero, Jesus Christ.

I realize I’ve probably left someone out; if so speak up!  Name your hero!

Also, not all of Memphis heroes are guys.  I think of Laura Schenk, Ann Luther, Marcia Dial, and Calesse Bair, to name a few.

So in my person opinion, Tom Horn, “get lost”!  We don’t really need you.

Signed Molly Kaldenberg (660-341-0215).