The Ukraine is a long ways from Rutledge, Missouri. Despite the geographical vastness, area residents will be able to help bridge the gap next weekend at the annual Christian Aid Ministries benefit at the Rutledge Community Building.

Local volunteers will host a benefit yard sale and bake sale October 12th, 13th and 14th in the northeast Missouri community to help support the CAM Iowa clothing center. Proceeds will help fund shipping costs for the CAM clothing bundle projects, which send much needed attire to third world and impoverished nations around the globe.

Thanks to generous donors, CAM receives roughly 2 million pounds of donated clothing, footwear and bedding each year. Fundraisers, like the local effort in Rutledge, help produce revenue to support the transportation costs of delivering donated goods to areas such as Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Syria.

Violence in the Middle East has displaced millions of people, many whom have fled their homes. These refugees have created a massive need for clothing, shoes and bedding.

According to the CAM, about 1.4 million people are displaced in Ukraine because of war. Winter clothes, such as coats and thermal underwear, are especially important as winter approaches. “Natural gas prices in Ukraine are skyrocketing due to government subsidies being removed,” says Nathan Miller, CAM field director in Ukraine. “Many will wear sweaters or even coats indoors since they cannot afford to heat their houses to comfortable temperatures.”

In Romania, CAM staff member Ellis Schrock says they are unable to meet the demands for clothing. “In late summer the requests for clothing become urgent, as families are looking for a way to clothe their schoolchildren. In villages and isolated areas, the possibilities of finding a source of income are very limited, and there is often no money for even secondhand clothing. A bag full of good quality clothing helps boost both their morale and their budget.”

In Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, roughly 80% of the country’s residents subside on less than $2 a day. Across the ocean in South Sudan, Christian Aid Ministries expanded last year to send clothing to one of the world’s poorest nations.

While clothing donations to CAM have been sufficient to meet the needs, the Amish-Mennonite charity organization struggles to get sufficient funds specified to ship the clothing.

If you wish to contribute to the Clothing Bundle Project, your funds will be used to help ship and distribute clothing, shoes, and comforters to refugees, needy families, and others who struggle in poverty.

Each $69 delivers an average of 115 pounds of clothing, footwear, comforters, and fabric into the hands of people in need.