Scotland County put together its best offensive showing of the 2014 season just in time for Homecoming.  Unfortunately, the defense had no answers for the high-powered attack of Clark County as the Indians amassed nearly 600 total yards en route to a 56-20 victory of the Tigers in the first rematch of neighboring counties since the Indians left the Tri-Rivers Conference.

During half-time festivities, Landyn Swearingen and Claire Shannan were crowned the 2014 SCR-1 Homecoming King and Queen.


Daisy Murphy, Administrator of the Scotland County Care Center, attended the Fall conference of the Activity Directors Association of Missouri in Sedalia, MO, on September 13, 2009, where she accepted the Administrator of the Year for the State award.  Tammy Hammond, Activity Director at the Care Center was also present.  The convention provided many programs and ideas such as crafts, cooking, men’s groups, clowning, assisted living programs, theme programming, special events, and even balloon decorating.  There was a lot of sharing ideas.


The R.R. card party met Saturday with 22 present.  Marion and Alice Cowell and Thelma Strong were hosts for the evening.

High scores went to Marie Gooden and Howard Hamilton.  Junior Snodgrass and Mary Morgan were second.

Due to the Antique Fair, the next meeting will be October 9, with Mr. and Mrs. Noel Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Olan Shadrick as hosts.


An electric blanket on the bed of Angie Bradley, daughter of Steve and Debbie Bradley, rural Memphis, caught fire early Wednesday morning.  Angie was awakened when something was burning her finger.  She rushed to the room of her parents with the blanket, and her father took it outside where the fire was extinguished.

There was a considerable amount of smoke in the home from the incident.  According to Mrs. Bradley, Angie and her sister, Jennifer, were taken to a doctor and treated for smoke inhalation.  She encourages people using electric blankets to check them regularly, so this won’t happen to them.


Fifty-one classic and antique cars were entered in the Scotland County Antique Days parade.  Most outstanding car went to Norm Stuparksy of Liberty, IL, for his 1955 Ford convertible.  First place Model A went to Fred Barker of Brashear for his 1930 Model A 4-door Deluxe and second went to Gale Sherer of Kirksville for his 1930 Model A Coupe.

First place Chevy was won by Bob Strickler of Brashear for his 1933 Master 4-door sedan with second going to Kenneth McWhorter of Ft. Madison, IA for his 1938 Chevy coupe.

First place for other than a Ford or Chevy went to Darrell St. Clair of Kahoka for his 1949 Studebaker Champion and James Boudredy of Steffenville won second with his 1927 Buick 4-door.

Cecil Pugh of Quincy, IL won first place for a Ford above Model T & A for his 1933 Ford V-8, 4-door.

Traveling the farthest distance was Hillis Howard of Avon, IL with his 1948 Nash coupe.  The oldest car in the parade was a 1924 Model T Roadster owned by Lingo Byron of Baring.

Paul Slater of Rutledge won first place in the commercial division with his 1950 Ford ¾ ton pick-up.


The Memphis Garden Club met with Lee Briggs, September 4, 1969.  The meeting was called to order by Vice President Edyth Bertram. Minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary, Levanchie Drake.  Roll call was answered by six members with a Bible verse.  Devotional was Dwight Eisenhower’s favorite scripture, Romans 12.  Pauline Acton and Lee Briggs gave readings.  The Secretary gave an inspirational poem and a true and false quiz.

Pauline Acton gave each a present left them by Veda Kapfer.

The group watched the style show on the Art Linkletter’s T.V. show and listened to two numbers on the stereo. 

Lovely and delicious ice cream sandwiches were served by the hostess.


Classes at Memphis High School last week met and selected class officers to serve for the 1959-60 school year.

Officers in the senior class are as follows: President, Mike Shepard; Vice President, Kent Dunn; Sec.-Treas., Kathy Oliver; and Reporter, Max Eggleston.

Junior Officers are: President, Steve Courtney; Vice President, Carly Fountain; Sec.-Treas., Ferol Myers; and Reporter, Linda Moore.

Sophomore officers: President, Robert Plenge; Vice President, Terry Skinner; Sec.-Treas., Doris Kraus; and Reporter, Jeanne Adams.

Freshman officers: President, Leslie Harris; Vice President, Denise Gregory; Sec.-Treas., Beverly Myers; and Reporter, Linda Moffett.


The four high school classes elected officers for the present school year at meetings of the classes Monday morning.

The senior class officers are: Max McRobert, President; Norma Stone, Vice President; David Morris, Secretary; Floyd Walker, Treasurer.

Junior class: Dixie Beeler, President; Estalene Purvis, Vice President; Norma Brown, Secretary; Gaylene Briggs, Treasurer.

Sophomore Class: Sandra Ellicott, President; Tom Burns, Vice President; Ada Jane Campbell, Secretary; Joan Hinds, Treasurer.

Freshmen Class: Marjorie Smith, President; Nancy Morris, Vice President; Russell Boyer, Secretary; George Frederick Gerth, Treasurer.


Dogs have frequently killed sheep in this county in large numbers, but have not attacked hogs or geese.  In Lewis county last week dogs killed some hogs and near Gorin killed several geese.

Dogs killed a four hundred pound sow and ten pigs for Tony Hembrock one evening last week about six o’clock.  Mr. Hembrock heard the commotion, but when he arrived on the scene the damage had been done.  While the dog is without doubt one of man’s best friends and can be trained to do so many useful services, he can also become quite destructive when allowed to run loose and in packs, says the Monticello Journal.

Tuesday night of last week, dogs killed seven fine large geese for Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Tague at their farm about three miles northwest of Gorin, says the Argus.  Mrs. Tague had just finished “picking” the geese and turned them into a lot quite a distance from the house and Wednesday morning when they went to feed them, they found them all dead and either torn to pieces or with their heads chewed off.  They still have 12 young geese left.