A local business has been selected to participate in the 23rd Annual Best of Missouri Market and More at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Milkweed Mercantile, maker of organic jam, jelly, chutney, granola, and sorghum near Rutledge, will join the more than 30 new vendors adding to the more than 120 outstanding Missouri food producers and artisans at the event.


Early in the 2009 school year, the hallways at Scotland County R-1 are just a little bit busier.  Superintendent Dave Shalley informed the board of education that the 2009 enrollment currently stands at 588 students.  That is a slight increase from this time last year, when 579 students were enrolled.

The current enrollment includes 275 students in grades 7-12 and 313 students in grades k-6.


The Scotland County Fire Department was called to a grass fire at the Sydney Moore farm south of Memphis off Highway 15 at approximately 3:30 p.m. September 10.

The blaze apparently started as a controlled burn as the landowners were destroying thistle plants.  The fire spread into the adjoining pasture and moved northeast spread by a strong wind and dry conditions.

Firemen battled the blaze with three pumper trucks and stopped the immediate threat of the fire spreading into an adjoining bean field.  The flames had spread into a wooded draw forcing the firemen to use shovels, rakes, and water backpacks to extinguish the fire on foot.


“I’m very enthused about beginning the Neighborhood Watch program.  It should be a great way for the people of Memphis to work together and help reduce the crime rate in town,” stated Mayor Harold Davis, Jr.

A group of concerned citizens and law enforcement officers were present at an organizational meeting on August 29 at the Memphis Fire Station.  The meeting was held to inform people of the need for Neighborhood Watch and to spread the word about starting a program here.

Neighborhood Watch is a program which is geared towards crime prevention.  It requires the cooperation and participation of citizens and law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities.

Three factors are involved:  (1) Neighbors getting to know each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance; (2) Citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhood; and (3) Implementation of crime prevention techniques, such as home security, Operation Identification, and others.


An outdoor clock valued at $500 located above the loading dock at J’s Foods on the northeast corner of the square in Memphis was destroyed by vandals early Sunday morning.  The clock was stopped at 2 o’clock and it is assumed this is the time the attack took place.

In addition to destroying the clock, vandals also did major damage to two pop machines located in front of the building.  Damage to the two machines is estimated at $300 although no money or pop was taken.


The farm home of Mrs. Estalene Hayes, east of Memphis, was broken into sometime the past several days and vandalized newly-painted walls, storm doors, etc.

According to Mrs. Hays, the house was being readied for an occupant and redecoration had been underway.

Officers are investigating the incident.


Terry Skinner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Skinner of Memphis was chosen Queen of the Colony Horse Show Thursday evening at Colony.  Miss Skinner is a member of the Rural Rough Riders. She was presented a 21 jewel wrist watch.

The RRR Club won first in the grand entry.  Other winners were Don Robeson, first in pleasure class,  Harry Robeson fourth in quarter horse class, Richard Jones and Freddie Henderson, first in pick-up race; thirteen years and under.

John and Ruth Phillips, placed fourth in matched pair and in the women’s shoe kicking contest, Frances Orton, first and Bonnie Eggleston, second.


A truck loaded with 213 bushels of apples in baskets belonging to Emmett Childers of Unionville was wrecked east of the residence of Ray Morrow on Highway No. 4 east of Memphis last night about 7:00 p.m.

The truck was coming toward Memphis.  The driver lost control and went into the ditch, badly damaging the front of the truck and spilling the load of apples.

The truck was brought to Memphis and this morning the driver went back to the scene of the wreck to recover as many apples as he could but it is said that quite a few had been removed during the night.


Evidently model A Ford spare tires and wheels are in demand as Thursday night the spare tire and wheel on the new Ford belonging to O. K. Wilder, which was parked near the Frank Riggle residence north of the square, were stolen and another from the new Ford belonging to George Rudy, which was in his garage at his home, southwest of the square.