Elizabeth Duzan was crowned Queen of the 2014 Scotland County Fair after winning the talent and essay contest portions of the event held Monday night in the Art Hall.  Natalie Miller was 1st Runner-Up and Sarah Sites was 2nd Runner-Up.

The 2014 Scotland County Fair 4-H Royalty were crowned July 6th.  Kylee Johnston, daughter of Terry and Angela Johnston, was crowned this year’s Queen and Parker Triplett, son of Chad and Heidi Triplett, was crowned King.  Kara Mallett, daughter of Keith and Michelle Mallett was crowned Princess and Connor Payne, son of Keith and Debbie Payne, was crowned this year’s Prince.


An attempt to prevent spreading venison all across Highway 15 south of Memphis resulted in more than 43,000 pounds of pork taking to the ditch during a one-vehicle accident in Scotland County in the early morning hours of July 8th.

A tractor-trailer unit driven by John Bradley was southbound on Highway 15 when the truck swerved to miss a deer in the roadway, ran off the road and struck a cement culvert and fence post before overturning in the ditch.

When work crews arrived to off-load the frozen pork from the truck, a USDA inspector was present to randomly temperature test the product.  Anything that had exceeded 41-degrees in internal temperature was deemed spoiled.

According to law enforcement officers on the scene roughly half the load was deemed unsalvageable and had to be disposed of at a regional landfill.  The loss was estimated at $25,000.

The vehicle sustained extensive damage in the crash but the driver was uninjured.

Highway 15 was closed for approximately 90 minutes Wednesday afternoon to allow wreckers access to remove the truck.


State Tax Commission recently announced the retirement on July 1, of Terry Robinson of Memphis, after nearly 16 years of service.  Robinson held the position of appraiser with the Ratio Section, and previously Technical Assistance Field Representative, with the State Tax Commission.

Prior to joining the commission, Robinson worked for Cole, Layer, and Trumble, and for Scotland County.


A crowd of approximately 50 people were on hand Wednesday, July 5, for ground breaking ceremonies of the new Scotland County Memorial Library, located at the corner of Madison and Cecil in Memphis.

Library board members, library staff, building committee members, Mary Sanders, and other interested community residents, were present for the 10:30 a.m. ceremonies.

Prior to the ground breaking, Scotland County Rotarian Brett Brewer presented the 1989 Scotland County Rotary Club Citizenship Award to Mary Sanders.

The Rev. Faye Jones, President of the Library Board, gave opening remarks and a prayer.  The first shovel of dirt was turned by Cherry Berges, Scotland County Librarian.  Other members of the library board and building committee took turns with the shovel.  The ceremony was closed with a prayer by library board member, Rev. Jim Campbell.


Twenty-two members of the Memphis Swim Team traveled to Canton, MO, Saturday, July 7, to compete with Canton and Kahoka against the Quincy Country Club of Quincy, IL.

Robbie Parker placed first in the 50 meter backstroke (15-18 yr. old).

Bonita Garrett took second in the individual medley relay and third in the 50 meter butterfly.

Drew Yost placed third in the individual 100 meter medley.

Kim Shaffer, Drew Yost, and Robbie Parker swam in the 200 meter freestyle.

The swim team is working hard to get ready for the first swim meet with Canton on the 16th of this month at 5:30 here at home.  Our second home meet will be the 31st of July with Kahoka.


Orville Mathews, who lives in Southeast Memphis, Monday evening, showed representatives of these papers six dead white giant rabbits, which were killed sometime Sunday night, apparently by dogs, and were discovered by Mathews, Monday morning.

Also destroyed were 17 young rabbits, Matthews said.

Dogs apparently forced their way up through the floors of the cage to get at the rabbits, he said.


Workmen the past week completed the installation of an attractive new front and aluminum canopy on the West Side Barber Shop operated by Lloyd Lancaster.

The old front was removed and a new glass front installed with the doorway moved south of the original doorway and double entry doors installed.

An aluminum canopy was swung over the front, thus adding a great deal to the appearance of the west side of the square.

New modernistic lettering: “West Side Barber Shop” was also placed above the canopy.

Further alterations of the interior are being planned.


The home on what is known as the Mike Myers farm south of Memphis was struck by lightning last Thursday, July 7, about noon and the house burned to the ground.

Earl Gilfillan rents the farm and Mrs. Ella Everett was living in the house.  Near neighbors who saw the fire and who were in their fields, got to the house as soon as possible and assisted in saving the furniture.

There was some insurance on the house but Mrs. Everett had no insurance on her furniture.


W. T. Scott submitted plans for the new Masonic building to the building committee, composed of Dr. E. E. Parrish, D. W. Payne, and Chas. Swift, Tuesday morning.

The plans are somewhat different from those suggested at first.  The new plan calls for a three story structure in front sloping back to a two story in the rear.

The third floor will contain the men’s club rooms, preparation rooms, and stereoptican room.  The second floor will house the main hall, women’s club rooms, and other preparation rooms.  On the ground floor, will be two store rooms.

The plans call for a banquet hall, kitchen, bowling alley, furnace, and coal room in the basement.

These plans, if accepted by the committee, along with the plans for financing, will be submitted to the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Missouri, for his approval and if accepted by him, work on the building will likely begin within a short time.