Youth hunters checked 4,332 turkeys during Missouri’s youth turkey hunting season April 12 and 13, topping the 4,000 mark for the second time in the youth seasons’ 14-year history.

Top counties in the youth season were Franklin with 107 birds checked, Cedar with 96, and Webster with 92.  Scotland County hunters checked in 18 birds, including 14 adult gobblers, two juvenile males and two bearded hens.


In its first gathering since the completion of the April election, the Scotland County R-1 Board of Education met April 14th to certify the election returns and to elect officers.

The board certified the following election results including the counties of Clark and Scotland.

Christopher Yarbrough 68, Stacy Westhoff 351, Gary Miller 461, and Randall Tobler 429.  The board voted 6-0 to accept the election results.

The newly elected members to the board were duly administered the oath of office and will serve on the board until the April election 2012.  These individuals being administered the oath of office were Gary Miller and Randy Tobler.

The board elected the following new officers: Gary Miller, President; George Koontz, Vice-President; Stacy Alexander, Secretary; and Matt McKee, Treasurer.


The Memphis Democrat switched production date from Tuesdays to Wednesdays effective April 28, 1999.

With the switch, the paper will now be printed Wednesday mornings.  You can pick up a copy of the paper at our office or at Gas and More, J’s Foods, Village Market, or the Junction Café after 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.  Mail subscriptions will be sent to the post office Wednesday afternoon for a Thursday delivery date (locally).

The Memphis Democrat is making this change in order to provide improved news coverage for the area with enhanced weekend reporting and timely results for such items as elections.  The change also will provide an improved advertising schedule for merchants and will allow additional time for submissions of items from the public for publication.


Alisa R. Forrester, freshman at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg and Sally J. Wiggins, freshman at University of Missouri-Columbia, will be participating in the International Foreign Youth Exchange program this summer.

Wiggins will be traveling to France and staying with host families, while Forrester will be traveling to Switzerland and staying with host families.  Both will be departing to their countries from Washington, D.C. on June 24 and will be returning to the U.S. on August 2nd.  Forrester and Wiggins were chosen through interviews and their outstanding accomplishments in 4-H the past ten years.


Carol Riney of Scotland County R-1 was selected as the first member of the Quincy Herald-Whig’s Second Team for its second annual All-Area girls’ basketball teams.

The newspaper commented on Riney, “Scotland County’s Carol Riney averaged 15.2 points per game while connecting on 50.2 percent of her field goal attempts.

“Riney, a fine leaper, averaged four rebounds a game from her guard position despite being only a 5’4” senior.

“Riney has received Tri-Rivers all-conference recognition in all four of her years with the Tigers, making the first team as a junior and senior.”


Scotland County R-1 High School baseball boys journeyed to Kahoka Tuesday, where they played Clark County R-1 boys and lost by a score of 8-5.

Boys making the trip were Chas. Boyer, Lynn Riney, Rick Hendricks, Stan Humphrey, Glenn Davis, Don Chancellor, Stan Prather, Stan Eggleston, Mark Maddox, Dan Emel, Bruce Childress, Ted Riney, Stuart Palmer, Joel Poole, and John Grogan.


Elsewhere in these papers appears the announcement of the Central Equipment Company of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, who plan to open a Norge Launderama coin operated, self-service laundry in Memphis soon.  The location will be the Morgan building on the north side of the square.

Tentative plans call for the installation of 30 washers and 10 commercial dryers of 40 lb. capacity.  Arrangements are being made for an abundant supply of hot rain-soft water.

Patrons may use as many washers at one time as they wish and laundry can be completed in one hour in a modern, newly-decorated building.


The new baseball diamond, which is located on the Scotland County Fair Ground, will be lighted in the near future, according to information given this paper this week by those who have been working on the lighting.

Several months ago, contributions were made toward lighting the field and these donations were held until sufficient money had been raised to complete the work.  These checks are to be cashed at once.  The equipment has been ordered and it is hoped that the field will be ready for night baseball within another thirty days.

Efforts are being made to schedule a Sunday afternoon game here in two weeks.  Announcement of this will be made at a later date.

There will be 103,000 watts of light on the new field which is 2,000 more than is required on fields where a similar class of baseball is played.

The team is being organized and practice will start in a few days.


All the teachers of the Memphis schools were elected at a special meeting of the Board of Directors Friday night at the office of the president, Dr. E. E. Parrish.

Superintendent W. P. Shofstall, was re-elected for another year at the last regular meeting of the board earlier this month.

The board voted to put a manual training department in the schools this year and elected Harry Strupp, of Kirksville, to have charge of the new department.

Other teachers elected for next year were W. T. Ware, Principal, I. M. Horn, W. D. Mudd, Chelsea Brown, Margaret McColm, Mrs. Helen Davis, Mrs. Lythia Scott, Nan Jackson, Helen Kirkpatrick, and Opal Shriver.  In the north ward school, E. C. Israel was re-elected principal, Mrs. Ernest Leeper, Helen Swift, and Marie Williams were also elected.

Although all of the necessary teachers for the coming year have been elected, none of them have signed their contracts to date.

Another important move the board made this year was the abolishment of football from the school.  Memphis high school has been prominent in football circles for many years, but various things have come into consideration which caused the board to believe it a wise thing to do away with it.