Scotland County Hospital Surgery Center is pleased to offer patients new, state of the art endoscopy equipment.  The PENTAX i-SCAN image enhancement technology is the industry’s highest resolution HD imaging technology for flexible endoscopy.  The new system provides SCH patients with innovative imagery for colonoscopy and upper endoscopy.


Children, never play with matches.  That long-standing warning was reinforced Wednesday when the Village Market in Memphis was destroyed by fire.  The blaze originated in the basement of the store, where a youngster reportedly was handling matches.

The Scotland County Fire Department was dispatched to the scene at 1:33 a.m. when the emergency call came in regarding a fire in the store’s furnace.

When the first engine arrived at the site at the intersection of Highways 15 and 136, just minutes after the call, smoke was already billowing from several spots in the roof.

The fire’s proximity to Highway 136 as well as the department’s connection to two hydrants on the north side of the highway, forced the roadway to be closed for several hours.  The traffic efforts were handled by the Memphis Police Department, Scotland County Sheriff’s Department, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The fire completely destroyed the building.  A small portion of the contents were able to be evacuated at the onset of the fire, but the bulk of the merchandise was also destroyed.


The Scotland County Fire Department responded to a tractor fire at the Clyde Zimmerman residence on Route N north of Arbela at approximately 6:00 p.m. March. 17.

The resident had been working in his dairy lot with a small-sized loader when the machine caught on fire.  The Cantril, IA, Fire Department also responded to the call.  The fire was quickly brought under control but the tractor received extensive damage.


Several businesses and residents experienced a short period of low voltage on Thursday, March 9th.  According to the Memphis Police Department, a squirrel attempting to cross a power line at the electrical sub-station in the north part of town, hit an insulator which caused a fuse to blow.  The squirrel was electrocuted and fell to the ground, setting fire to the dry grass around the sub-station.  The Memphis Fire Department was called to the scene and quickly extinguished the fire.

The incident occurred at approximately 11:20 a.m. There have been no reports of any damages as a result of the power shortage.


This year’s cash prize winners in the soil conservation poster contest were Neil Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Howard, Gorin R-III Schools; Lonny Sears, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sears, Scotland County R-1 School; and Keith Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arnold, Scotland County R-1 School.  The top three winners in the water conservation poster contest were: Rose Mary Shanes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shanes, Scotland County R-1 Schools; Mary Adams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Adams, Gorin R-III Schools; and Jimmy Wheeler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wheeler, Scotland County R-1 Schools.


Sixty pilots and their wives attended a dinner and meeting at Keith’s Café, Sunday night.  Three films were shown by Mr. Charles Lampher, Flight Service Specialist, from Kirksville.

Rep. Richard DeCoster was present and gave a short talk on pending legislation.  Web Woodsmall acted as M. C. for the evening.

Bob Morrow will be in charge of the next meeting.


Tear gas discouraged a would-be safecracker Saturday night at two motor companies in Edina.

The gas was activated when the burglar knocked combinations off safes at Fessler Chevrolet Garage and the Cahalan Motor Co.  Nothing was stolen by the burglar, who entered both buildings through windows.

The Highway Patrol, who is investigating the crimes, said the subject is apparently the same one who has attempted safecracking in Paris, Kahoka, Milan, and Green City within the last six weeks.  Of the seven safes tampered with, only one was opened, the patrol said.


The heavy load on the present equipment of the Municipal Light plant will be eased materially when the equipment, purchased by the Council at the meeting of the Board of Aldermen at the City Hall Thursday night, is installed.

Several items of equipment have been needed at the plant for some time to bring it up to the peak of production.  The load has been gradually increasing during the past few years until it became necessary to make these additions in order to take care of this increased load and maintain an adequate surplus.

The city contracted with Fairbanks, Morse & Co., for the purchase of an alternator for the four-cylinder engine and an exciter for the same unit, a fly-wheel and extension shaft and other changeover units for the 5-cylinder, 350-horsepower unit.  The total cost of this improvement will be $21,016.76, and will be paid for out of the earnings of the plant.


The four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Robinson, who live on Grand Avenue, had his throat badly cut Monday morning by a pet wolf.  Mrs. Robinson heard the child screaming and went to investigate.  The wolf had the child down, and a deep gash was cut in his throat on the right side.  Dr. J. A. Mitchell was called and dressed the wound.  The wolf was killed.