Two long-time community activists were honored by the Scotland County Rotary Club as the club’s 2013 Citizens of the Year.  The awards were presented at the club’s annual awards supper and officer installation meeting.

Wilma June Kapfer was honored for her years of service to the Downing House Museum as well as for a career in the nursing field.

Kapfer, a retired nurse, has served as the curator for the museum in Memphis for the past 34 years, overseeing displays on the county’s history while administering tours and supervising fundraising efforts.

An active genealogical researcher, Kapfer also was recognized for her efforts in assisting visitors from far and wide in their searches for family histories.

JoAnn Peters was honored by the Rotary Club as a Citizen of the Year.  A tax accountant by trade, Peters has utilized her financial background in serving as the bookkeeper for a pair of community groups.

Peters volunteers her services for the Memphis Community Players and for Timber Ridge Golf Course of Memphis.


Once again a long line of donors as well as numerous volunteers helped make the most recent Red Cross blood drive in Memphis a success.  Nearly 100 prospective donors went through the doors at the First Baptist Church on October 7th.

Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri provided the meat and cheese for sandwiches served to donors and the workers.  The Bank of Memphis and the First Baptist Church of Memphis donated cookies for the event.

A total of 84 units of blood were collected at the drive.  Awards were presented to Joan C. Meyer-Kice (1 gal. pin), Robert A. Tinkle and Mikel L. Harvey (2 gal. pin), Edith H. Martin and James Phil Struble (3 gal. pin), William P. McRobert (4 gal. pin), Roger P. Gosney (6 gal. pin), Rebecca M. Martin (8 gal. pin), and David M. Ahland (9 gal. pin).


The Memphis Police Department is investigating vandalism to the portable radar trailer that is on loan to the city police department from the Missouri Highway Patrol.

According to the report, the trailer was reportedly the target of a thrown bottle from a passing vehicle.  The vandalism occurred on Highway 136 in Memphis on October 10th.  The MPD has recovered the bottle and other evidence at the scene.


Some Scotland County corn fields are contaminated with aflatoxin.  Samples from Scotland County have been tested by University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and they have found aflatoxin at 50 times the tolerance levels for human consumption.

“Aflatoxin is likely to be found in corn that was stressed by drought conditions.  Corn in areas where the rainfall was more normal probably will have less problems,” says Joe McVeigh, Farm Management Specialist.

Historically, drought stress often brings on more field infections of Aspergillus flavus, one of the casual fungi that also produce aflatoxin as a byproduct of the infection.


In a Special Election held Tuesday, October 3rd, by the Scotland County R-1 School District, voters approved bussing of students who live more than one-half mile but less than one mile from school.  The vote was 507 in favor of the proposition and 53 against.

Voters had turned the issue down in an earlier election.  The bussing resumed on Monday, October 9.


Unseasonable warm weather the past few days has presented itself in this area.  Monday was warm reading into the lower eighties and Tuesday was reportedly to have reached the mid-eighties.  Also, brisk southerly winds during the day made the temperatures seem not quite so warm for this time of year.

Predictions are for rain which frequently happens following a “balmy” spell such as we are having.


LeRoy Huff, 17 year old president of the Rutledge Crackerjacks, won top honors in Boys Grooming at State Achievement Day, recently.

In addition to getting a highly prized blue ribbon, he is to be awarded an expensive jacket for being tops in this event.

LeRoy had previously won the county grooming contest July 22nd and the district contest on August 12th.

LeRoy is the son of Mrs. Melba Huff of Rutledge and the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. O.W. McClamroch.


Saturday evening between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m., someone stole 22 White Leghorn pullets from the home of Junior Hunter northwest of Memphis.  They also took about a half barrel of kerosene.

Mr. and Mrs.  Hunter were in Memphis that evening, and when they got home, missed the chickens and kerosene.

Deputy Sheriff, Clyde Evans, was called, arrived at the Hunter home about midnight, and made an investigation of the theft.  No arrests have been made yet.