The polls closed Tuesday evening with just over 28% of registered Scotland County voters participating in the August Primary Election to help select party candidates for the November election and also decide the fate of Proposition A.

Scotland County voters failed to support the so called Right-to-Work act, Senate Bill 19, casting 485 no votes against 360 yes votes to retain the legislation approved in 2017 that would prohibit forced membership in labor unions or forced payment of dues. It also would make illegal any activities that violate employees’ rights, effectively prohibiting labor unions and employers from entering into contracts that only employ unionized workers.

As an open primary, voters were allowed to select the party ballot of their chose, regardless of official affiliation or membership.

The majority of county residents voted a Republican ballot where races of US Senator, State Auditor, and State Senator were at stake. Of the 865 total ballots cast, 631 were Republican, 213 democrats, three Libertarian and two Green party.

Local Republican ballots backed Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley as the party’s candidate of choice to challenge incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill for the U.S. Senate seat.

Hawley received 310 votes to easily outdistance the rest of the 11-candidate field. Kristi Nichols was the next highest vote total with just 39, as Hawley earned more than 60% of the total.

Current State Representative Craig Redmon was the top local choice to follow in the footsteps of Senator Brian Munzlinger, who also started out as the local state rep. He received 366 votes in Scotland County. Cindy O’Laughlin ran second locally with 150 votes while state representatives Nate Walker and Lindell Shumake finished with 81 and 21 votes respectively.

Incumbent Sam Graves, the lone candidate for U.S. State Representative for District 6, received 481 votes, while the lone candidate for State Representative to replace Redmon, Greg Sharpe, received 402 votes.

Saundra McDowell led the Republican state auditor candidates with 140 votes locally to just edge, Kevin Roach with 132, David Wasinger 103 and Paul Curtman 75.

At the local level, incumbent presiding Commissioner Duane Ebeling earned 462 votes. Kimberly J. Nicoli received 436 votes in her bid to fill the seat of outgoing Associate Circuit Judge Karl DeMarce.

County Treasurer Kathy Kiddoo earned 519 votes in her bid for re-election while April S. Wilson was marked on 431 ballots for Prosecuting Attorney.

Scotland County voters cast 213 Democrat party ballots.

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill easily outdistanced the competition with 156 votes. Carla Wright was runner-up with just 14.

Incumbent State Auditor Nicole Galloway received 148 votes.

In the race for the party’s candidacy in the US Rep race to face Graves, local voters backed Henry Martin with 80 votes. Winston Apple received 53 votes and Ed Andres got 29 votes.

Crystal Stephens is the party’s lone candidate for Munzlinger’s state senate seat and she earned 146 votes.

Locally, former Presiding Commissioner Chipper Harris received 168 votes to secure the spot on the November ballot. Incumbents Batina Doge, Anita Watkins, Dana Glasscock and Kathy Becraft were all unopposed in the primary. Their vote totals were as follows: Dodge 179; Watkins 182; Glasscock 182; and Becraft 186.