The Liberty Bell – tradition tells of a chime that changed the world on July  8,1778, with the Liberty Bell ringing out from  the  tower of Independence Hall summoning the citizens of Philadelphia to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence by Colonel John Nixon. The Pennsylvania Assembly ordered the bell in 1751 to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of William Penn’s 1701 Charter of Privileges, Pennsylvania’s original constitution. It speaks of the rights and freedoms valued by people the world over. Also, religious freedom, the native American Indian’s rights and the inclusion  of citizens in enacting laws. The Liberty Bell gained more importance when abolitionists in the efforts to  put an end to slavery throughout America adopted it as a symbol. Among the inscriptions engraved on the Liberty Bell  are the words, “Pass and Show” The word Pennsylvania is spelled with one “n”. Later the word Pennsylvania was changed to include two “n’s”. It is not known when the first crack appeared in the bell. However the final expansion on the crack which made the bell unreadable was on George Washington’s Birthday in 1848. Today it is displayed on a framework in front of Independence Hall.

From Jauflione Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution