I love this about faith. It has its own unique energy unmatched by any other element. It cooperates with dreamers, initiates possibilities, and aggravates rule-riders. Faith is the fear killer. We want it. We need it. But the fear killer persistently steps in with seemingly more reasonable (and always deadening) suggestions.

Faith doesn’t first have the results of an effort and, therefore, continues to bravely march forward. No, faith has nothing in its hands to verify that the initial idea will work. But, biblically, faith is the worker…we simply believe in its God-backed ability.

The traditional call to go to the Bible–or go back to the Bible–has legitimacy; the very backing of God. Going by the Bible isn’t the problem. The reading of the wild acts of God and not believing that they are for our generation is. The church must stop conducting Bible studies to explain away the power which God promises.

I cheer you on. In order for your faith to take root there first needs to be the reality that you want something. Do you want the church to grow? Do you want your neighbors to love God? Do you want the impossible to become possible where you serve in the Kingdom? Do you want to learn how to pray efficiently?

If so, you’ve got the start. Too many have little happening because they have only one mission when it comes to the church. They don’t want to get it wrong. Oddly, such a lacking personal vision has “got it wrong” plastered all over it.

I encourage you to measure your surroundings and the people within. Notice lack. See the need. Envision the supply. Engage in prayer, in exercise, by faith that what isn’t yet can become. It’s happening all around us.

Join the crowd! Let’s build a bigger crowd for God!