Eli Kigar, Eric Mohr and Elsie Kigar pose for a photo after completing the state 4-H shotgun competition.

Members of the Scotland County 4-H Shooting Sports participated in the Missouri 4-H State shooting events in August and September, bringing home numerous awards, including a third place overall finish in the state for one shooter.

The Single and Double Skeet State Shoot was held August 18th at the Gateway Gun Club in Brighton.

Eric Mohr finished 8th with a 30 out of 50 score. Eli Kigar hit 37 out of 50 to finish fourth in the single skeet shoot and took 3rd in the double skeet event with a 35 out of 50.

The shotgunners then traveled to Lin Creek on August 25th for the Single and Double Trap State Shoot.

Eli Kigar shot a perfect 50 of 50 to earn first place in the single shoot and then shot 33 of 50 in the double event. Elsie Kigar shot a 39 of 50 in the single trap event and a 30 of 50 in doubles. Mohr shot a 43 of 50 in single trap and a 35 of 50 in doubles.

At the Sporting Clays State Shoot held September 16 at River Hills Sporting Clays in Boonville, Eli Kigar again claimed first place with a score of 42 out of 50. Mohr shot 30 out of 50 in the event.

The combined scores were good enough to earn Eli Kigar a third place ranking overall in the state of Missouri.

Other local 4-H members took part in the state events for hunting skills, outdoors skills, archery and small bore rifle on August 26 and September 15.

For Junior Compound Release Aids Archery 300, Isaac Exner scored a 262 and Lilly Frederick scored a 221.

In Junior Small Bore Rifle, Wesley McSparren scored a 167 with open sights and Isaac Exner received a 1st place finish with a 204 in aperture sights.

Wesley McSparren placed 2nd in the Junior Hunting Skills with a 340 score.

For 3D Junior Compound, Lilly Frederick scored a 108 and Wesley McSparren a 161.  In the intermediate division Brenna Phillips scored a 109.

Over 600 4-H members from across the state participate in multiple events at multiple locations. Scotland County was well represented in the biggest project in Missouri 4-H.

The shotgun sports are coached by Dave Kock and Amanda Mohr. Sarah McSparren is the county coordinator for shooting sports.