Kendall Small claimed first place in the oldest age division of the 2018 Scotland County Antique Fair Pedal Tractor Pull.

Like most activities in this year’s Antique Fair, the Kids Pedal Tractor Pull was well supported.  Eight age groups competed in the event with the following boys and girls taking 1st – 3rd place in each group:

Age 4: 1st, Chloe Dunnett (Memphis); 2nd, Chad Hunter (Edina), and 3rd Kaston Campbell (Memphis)

Age 5: 1st, Braydan McBee (Memphis), 2nd, Lecen Fuller (Memphis), and 3rd, Halley Wheeler (Memphis).

Age 6: 1st, Rhet Ketchum (Downing); 2nd, Ally Ward (Memphis); and 3rd, Collin Romore (Memphis).

Age 7: 1st, Brody Wheeler (Memphis); 2nd, Addy Chance (Memphis); and 3rd, Brenan Douglas (Memphis).

Age 8: 1st, Jathan Fuller (Memphis); 2nd, Dayton Rowland (Memphis), and 3rd, Clayton Probst (Baring).

Age 9: 1st, Kyle Dunnett (Memphis); 2nd, Lily Wheeler (Memphis); and 3rd, Morgan Jackson (Memphis).

Age 10: 1st, Jackson Steele (Wyaconda); 2nd, Letha Ward (Memphis); and 3rd, Sadie Jackson (Memphis).  In the oldest division,

Age 11: 1st, Kendall Small (Memphis); 2nd, Mason Parsons (Memphis), and 3rd, Finley Heine (Memphis).