Dear Editor,

Kids to Grandpa again, quote; “Grandpa, we already know that we are a studied mass of atoms but what has that to do with God?” Gramp, quote; “Well kid, to us OLD TIMERS, it finally tells us that we had better tread softly on the subject of atoms until most everyone understands, the truth about atoms.” Quote the Kid; “What is it Gramp? Is it something us kids can know now, or later in life?”

Gramp quote; “Kid the truth is, God is THEE ONE MOST HOLY ATOM IN THIS ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND HE CALLS ALL THE SHOTS, IF YA CATCH MY MEANING.” Kid, quote; “Yeah Grandpa, we know. HE SEES ALL AND KNOWS ALL!” Gramp quote; “That is absolutely correct!” Kid, quote; “Then that Christmas song saying Santa Claus is comin’ to town and we had better watch out and better not cry or pout, must have been given to the author by God’s Holy Spirit!” Gramp, smiling big and waving his arms wild-like, quote; “Hooray! You got the picture boy!” Boy, quote; “Well, the only part that we didn’t already know is that God is an atom.” Gramp, apologetic, quote; ” Well now, that is just what WE think! Someone else studying the Holy Scriptures may think something else, and that is what we’re all about – everyone is free to think whatever they want to, but in our situation, we KNOW FOR A FACT THAT GOD IS A ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL GOD FATHER TO EVERY CHILD BORN UPON MOTHER EARTH. We on Earth are each and individual mass of atoms put together in such a marvelous way, then it stands to reason that only ONE WHO IS ONE, CAN KNOW all there is to know in an atom. It is no surprise to us because one among us made that statement about 40 years ago to a publisher named Scott Meredith who read our manuscript, then rejected it with the flat statement that he never heard anything so ridiculous in his entire life!

The Clown Lady, quote; “it just goes to show ya that when you are listening to God, HE will tell you rightly!” Boy, quote; “Yeah. Jesus called it righteous!” Clown Lady, quote; “You know that old saying – it takes one to know one!”

So Grandpa, anyone who does not devote his or her attention to thanking God for preparing His Earth so lavishly well for Mother Earth to bear fruit and everything HE conceived in her and called her Mother Nature so we the people could eat and grow strong and survive?”

Yep, quoting Grandpa, “so we are made of dust and water and then God put all HIS OWN loving Holy Power into us, so you might say that we are tremendously atomically powered, except that Satan negated all that with his rotten way of thinking.” “WOW!” the kid shouted as he bounced up and down in the overstuffed chair, “wait ’til I tell the others! This is so great!”

Quote The Clown Lady; “If there is anybody left on this planet who is not yet convinced that God also controls the weather in the air as well as the volcanic fires in the bowels of the earth, have their heads buried in sand or somewhere except on Earth! It is NOT all  just something that happens now and then, except these days, when HE is using it all to convince us that work and worry on our part will just give us a headache, when we could ask Him, tell Him thank you, then listen for His silent answer, which with practice, becomes just second nature to us!” “And that isn’t all!  We’ve learned that sometimes HE doesn’t even answer, sometimes HE just sends a felling or a knowing or both, through our senses and if we heed it and do as HE says, we can know that it is our intuition and we ARE tuned into HIM, by golly!” then quote another, and another; ” They used to call it psychic, didn’t they?” Quote the Kid; “Whatever!”

Our inspiring thought; We repeat – we are copyrighted in this land of freedom of speech, and we share all this with others in lieu of mailed copies because mailing costs are prohibitive. We love our Creator even more for choosing us to receive His messages and then encouraging us to share it with the world. That leaves the reader free to take us or leave us alone and seek God’s Truths your own way. We are at peace, the thirteen of us, and plan to continue with our battle cry constantly, which is quote; “HAVE IT YOUR WAY LORD!! WE ARE ON BENDED KNEE BEFORE YOU ALWAYS! WE LAY TROUBLES AT THE FOOT OF YOUR CROSS AS YOU EASE THEM GENTLY OFF OUR SHOULDERS, A MOST LOVING, ENDEARING LORD OF ALL!”

We know God is not a fighting nature, but rather a God of Peace and Love one to another, pure unadulterated LOVE. Love is not an act, it just simply is, but this magnificent United States of America has in the past under the leadership of past President Harry S. Truman, demonstrated the atom’s potential for war. We pray that this world population never needs to experience it again. Love and Blessings from ALL THE OLD TIMERS, with Bette.