Members of the Jolly Jacks and Jills 4-H Club present to celebrate National 4-H Week at the club’s annual fish fry at the Bible Grove School were, first row (L to R) Clara Marlowe  and Tessa Holt. Second Row (L to R) are Emma Whitney, Alyssa Kirchner, Lanie Mallett, Emery Kirchner, Kenna Campbell, Hannah Whitney, Morgan Jackson, Jayde Baker, and Trent Mallett. Third Row (L to R) are Sadie Jackson, McKaela Bradley, Kara Mallett, Elsie Kigar, Kilee Bradley-Robinson, Kale Creek, Eli Kigar, Corbin Kirchner; Fourth Row: Levi Tague, Kyle Dunnett, Wesley McSparren, and Kadence Burnett. Back Row (L to R) are Mason Mallett, Conner Wiggins and Delsin Holt.

The Jolly Jacks and Jills 4-H Club celebrated National 4-H Week with their annual fish fry at the Bible Grove School on Sunday, October 1, 2017.  Club members invited their families and the Bible Grove Historical Preservation Committee to the carry-in meal.  Following the meal, the 2017-2018 club officers were installed.  This year’s club officers are: President – Elsie Kigar; Vice President-Kara Mallett; Secretary-Kilee Bradley-Robinson; Treasurer- Corbin Kirchner; Song Leaders-Hannah Whitney and Lanie Mallett; Game Leaders-Kenna Campbell and Alyssa Kirchner; Historians-Sadie and Morgan Jackson; Reporter-Wesley McSparren.  Club Leader is Sarah McSparren and Assistant Leader is Lanea Whitney. Following officer installation, the club conducted its monthly business meeting and after the meeting was adjourned, the game leaders lead members in a recreational activity in the school house yard.

Those attending the fish fry were: Jeannie and Bruce Childress, Max Hamilton, Gene, Lila and Jacob Spray, Delsin Holt, Joel and Sheri Kapfer, Jacob Kapfer, Sterling and Elaine Forrester, Gary and Ella May Neagle, Mark and Ann St. Clair, Virginia St. Clair, Larry and Shellie Jackson, David and Jodie Jackson, Sadie Jackson, Morgan Jackson, Brooke Jackson, Seth and Barbara Dunnett, Kyle Dunnett, Chloe Dunnett, Lane and Jessica Campbell, Kenna Campbell, Kashton Campbell, Kalan Campbell,  Lanea Whitney, Emma Whitney, Hannah Whitney, David and RaElla Wiggins, Conner and Maria Jewell Wiggins, Tessa Holt, Jessica Spray, Jenny Mallett, Mason Mallett, Lanie Mallett, Brandi Tague, Levi Tague, Trent Mallett, Kilee Bradley-Robinson, Lane Pence, Martha Bradley, Dennis Bradley, McKaela Bradley, Renee and Dennis Blaine, Kadence Burnett, Kanten Burnett, Lily Wheeler, Hally Wheeler, Harold Snyder, Elsie Kigar, Kara Mallett, Mary Jo and Harold Kirchner, Corbin Kirchner, Paul and Cathy Campbell, Joshua and Christine Marlowe, Clara Marlowe, Julietta Marlowe, Alyssa Kirchner, Ian Kirchner, Emery Kirchner, Wesley McSparren, Brent Hayden, Eli Kigar, Kale Creek, Teresa Creek, Josh and Sarah McSparren, Keith and Michelle Mallett, Jim and Alisa Kigar, Tonya Bradley-Fleshner and Jayde Baker.  The Jolly Jacks and Jills wish to thank the families of Josh and Sarah McSparren and Bryan and Lanea Whitney for donating the fish for the meal.