It may be that much emphasis toward knowing Jesus is from a faulty perspective. Is there not abundant initiative on our part to teach of his pulling us toward a higher zone of living that often seems out of reach?

Has not our talk of his divinity, minus his humanity, left many of us convinced that we simply drew the short straw when it comes to being good enough?

It may be that the church has stressed his trek as one of pulling us out of humanity rather than into it. And, being human day by day, much of the church population doesn’t sense where it fits…or if it even really belongs.

Jesus, however, lifts us into a new way of meaningful humanity. We are not raised in baptism to float about in undefinable vague-icity. No, we have new meaning, new purpose, new identity.

This is all because he pulls us into developing into a renewed style of what God intends to be human. That was the intent of Jesus’ entrance into our terrain in the first place.

“Follow me” are his words…to us. He believes we can do it. His call isn’t Rocket Science. Rather, it is the fundamental gateway to transitioning from habitual churchanity to the maximum human existence.

Maybe if we could allow our faith to be pulled into our humanity a new energy would pour from us into others…like it did from Jesus to us.

Yes. We. Are. Able. 
Because. Jesus. Enables.