Dear Editor,

One among us  stated firmly, “We never heard a better pitch for our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ than we heard at Harley’s funeral service!”

“We agree. Bradley Balfour is what we call the difference between a preacher and a minister.”

From another, “We thought that very same way!” Another, quote; “What happened? What did he do that was so different?”

First speaker, “Well, for one thing, he moved out of the pulpit and stood nearby, and wore his own mic on his lapel, but that was only part of it. He stood still so we weren’t distracted, and neither did he wisecrack or deviate from his message; in other words, his was not a stage performance, it was strictly a confidential encouragement to all, if we knew Jesus personally, or not, a one-on-one encouragement to whoever would heed his words, as if  he were speaking to everyone within hearing distance of his well-modulated voice, on a one-on-one basis.”  Another, “Yeah. You could say he spoke on a one-on-one level, or rather, it seemed that way. That’s what endeared Jesus to everyone in HIS time and ministry, is the way we see it in our minds.”

Another, “Yeah! He made me feel a happy feeling that we are good friends with our Savior already, and Bradley just made us feel warmer than ever in our hearts!!” The truth is, you’d need to see it to believe how folks sat so quietly in order to catch each word he spoke. His is a natural born feeling in him to campaign for Our Savior. Afterward, it was a passing thought among us to wish our presidential  seekers would realize that they would not need to spend so much money, effort, become such a teller of untruths nor stay in all the best accommodations to convince us that we know the difference between a real follower of the Christ, and a mere political aspirant to a cushioned annual retirement that is more dollars than any who actually worked an honest day’s labor made in a lifetime!

Our  inspiring thought – A real follower of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST knows the Ten Commandments by heart, and knows that #9 and #10 are as equal as #1 and #2!!!!

Love and Blessings from ALL THE OLD TIMERS, with Bette