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One of the community’s largest employers is under new leadership. The Scotland County Care Center Board of Directors recently announced the hire of Jeff Walters as the new administrator for the nursing home and residential care facility in Memphis.

Walters will take over for Daisy Murphy, who had served as administrator since May of 2007.

He comes to Scotland County from the Kansas City area. He has been working in the industry the past 10 years in Liberty, serving the past four years as the director of a facility south of Kansas City.

“This will be my first administration job, but I’m looking forward to helping provide a quality of life as close to as being at home as possible,” said Walters.

The new administrator said that task is made easier by the quality facilities available here in Memphis.

“When I first visited, I was blown away by the excellent condition of the building,” he said. “It is a beautiful facility, and has been well maintained, making it much easier for us to focus on care.”

That focus will center on the staff. Walters stated his top priorities will be expanding training opportunities for care providers while working to limit employee turnover.

“CNA’s are a big part of what we do at nursing homes, so a big part of my job will be to provide them all the tools they need to do their jobs,” said Walters.

But the training won’t be limited to just CNAs. With roughly 100 employees, the new administrator noted that each member of the staff plays an important role in creating a home-like environment for the residents.

The administrator hopes that the environment will translate into higher utilization. While the facility can operate at a higher capacity, Walters indicated the census goal is in the low to mid 70s. Currently the Care Center has 58 residents. The Residential Care Facility (RCF) has the capacity to house 14 additional residents.

“The RFC offers a very nice opportunity for folks,” said Walters. “They can receive as much or as little help as they want, depending on their needs. One of the residents buzzed into my office this morning to check on me, and make sure I was doing okay before she headed over to the hospital to visit a friend.”

Walters noted that this proximity to the hospital was a plus for the care center.

“I think it is a good partnership,” he said. “Our dietary department provides all the food for the hospital, so that is a benefit, not to mention the obvious of having medical care right next door when needed.”

A doctor next door is a good thing, but the administrator said the care center’s in-house physical therapy department is the true lifesaver.

“The work these folks do, makes us a great place for residents to come and get healthier so they can return home,” said Walters. “They are able to get stronger by working with these experts, helping to improve mobility.”

In the midst of a school year back home, Walters said he plans to wait until the summer to move his family to Memphis. With a senior in high school as well his wife that works for the school district, that will offer a smoother transition for all. The couple also have a daughter in college as well as a 13-year-old son, Matthew, who Jeff said is looking forward to joining the SCR-I school system in 2016.