Jauflione Chapter NSDAR met in regular session on Friday, October 6, 2017, at the Presbyterian Church Hospitality Room with Regent June Kice calling the meeting to order in ritualistic form.

Roll call, Your Favorite Hot Tea item was answered by 17 members and one CAR member. There were two guests present.

Prayer and Scripture were given by Regent Kice in absence of Chaplain Nelda Billups.

The President General’s message was given by Joan Meyer Kice.

National Defense and Indian Minute were given by Marlene Cowell.

Constitution Minute was given by Verlee Dauma.

Treasurer Report, prepared by Kathy Kiddoo, was given by Regent Kice.

Reports of Officers were given by Registrar Patricia Miller. Patricia reported that she is still working on two new members although progress is being made.

Old Business:

Susan Miller gave a report in the Wheeling for Healing event which was held September 30, 2017, near Hartsburg, Mo. Susan reported that she had prepared 70 gift bags for the riders. There were 74 riders who participated in the ride. Susan, with the help of Kathy Kiddoo, handed out 68 gift bags. Everyone who stopped by had interesting stories to tell. A very enjoyable time was had by all.

A report on the Quilts of Valor was given. Connie Bratton has made a quilt although she reported that her quilt is to small to be used by the Quilts of Valor event. Connie suggested that she will donate her quilt to the Annual Veterans Reception event which will be held November 3, 2017, at the Scotland County Residential Care Facility meeting room at 2:00 P.M.

Regent Kice asked if anyone had anything they wanted to display to Commemorate the end of World War I. Joan Meyer Kice reported that she has items from her great-grandfather, who was in World War I, which she would like to display. Other members also stated they have items that could be used in a display. Anyone interested in displaying items are to contact Joan.

Reta Stott reported that progress is being made on the Jauflione Chapter DAR cookbook. Reta has 183 recipes separated by categories and has been in touch with a printing company. Anyone wanting to include a recipe in this book needs to send the recipe to Reta no later than October 20, 2017.

New Business:

Regent Kice has appointed Debbie Kauk to fill the position of Parliamentarian for the Jauflione Chapter.

Regent Kice reported that all Missouri DAR Chapters have to donate three dozen cookies for the Christmas Open House held at Rosalyn Heights. This event takes place December 2-9, 2017. Regent Kice asked for suggestions or volunteers to take the cookies to Rosalyn Heights in Booneville Mo. We will discuss this more during the November meeting.

Regent Kice reminded all members attending that the Cameo Society Tea will be held October 28, 2017, from 2:00 – 4:00. This tea will be held at 518 Vine Street, Booneville Mo. Regent Kice explained that to be a Cameo Society member you need three generations enrolled in the DAR.

Registrar Patricia Miller will begin working on paperwork for one new member and one new member was presented during this meeting.

Regent Kice displayed the awards given to Jauflione Chapter during the Northeast District Meeting.

Regent Kice handed our SIP packets to various committee chairwomen attending the meeting. Regent Kice will be calling members who did not attend to arrange a time and place for pickup.

Jauflione Chapter DAR held a Silent Auction during the meeting. All items were donated by members attending this meeting. This auction raised $100 for the President General’s Project.

Regent Kice gave a very interesting program on the history of tea.

The October meeting was adjourned.

Delicious refreshments were served by Patricia Miller, Katie Miller, and Suzy Pool. Social hour was enjoyed by all.

Those attending this meeting were: Terry Arnold, Jeannie Bissell, Connie Bratton, Oleva Chance, Marlene Cowell, Courtney Cowell, Verlee Dauma, Rhonda Davis, Celina Erickson, Debbie Kauk, June Kice, Joan Meyer Kice, Particia Miller, Susan Pool, Joann Rood, Reta Stott, and Katie Miller, CAR member. Guests included Courtney Cowell’s children.

Recording Secretary

Rhonda Davis