The Jauflione Chapter NSDAR met in regular session on March 1st at 2 p.m. in the Presbyterian Church hospitality room. The meeting was opened in Ritualistic form by Regent Deborah Kauk. Opening Prayer was given by Chaplain Nelda Billups.

Roll Call, “My Favorite Antique” was answered by 14 members. Those present were: Terry Arnold, Nelda Billups, Connie Bratton, Rhonda Davis, Deborah Kauk, June Kice, GeorgAnna Madsen, Katie Miller (CAR), Patricia Miller, Mary Morgan, Susan Poole, Joann Rood, Reta Stott, and Treva Wittstock.

Pledge of Allegiance and American’s Creed were led by Regent Kauk. National Anthem was led by Katie Miller. Preamble to the Constitution and Pledge to the State of Missouri and President General’s Message was read by Regent Kauk.

The National Defense Report was given by Patricia Miller. Patricia’s report was on “Hackers Gain Access to Sensitive Military Data”. Over the last 18 months, hackers from other nations have carried out numerous cybersecurity breaches. Among the stolen data were plans for a supersonic anti-ship missile to be carried on U.S. submarines in a project known as Sea Dragon.

Indian Minute was given by Katie Miller. Katie’s report was on Joseph Oklahombi a Choctau Code Talker. He is Oklahoma’s most decorated war hero and his medals are on display in Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City.

Constitution Minute was read by Patricia Miller. This report was on: What is the Difference Between Natural Rights and Entitlements?

The Secretary’s Report was read by Rhonda Davis. The Minutes were approved as read. The Treasurer’s Report was prepared by Treasurer Kathy Kiddoo.

Old Business: Ticket books for the Maria Hill Sampler were passed out to members who ordered them. All ticket stubs need to be turned by Monday March 4th to Kathy Kiddoo or Regent Kauk.

Letters were sent out to our ladies who live out of town and ladies who do not attend our meetings explaining what qualifies as Volunteer Hours and instructions on how to record these hours on the National NSDAR website. Any hours that we can record will certainly help our chapter. Regent Kauk reminded everyone that we still have Jauflione Cookbooks for sale. A suggestion was made that everyone takes a few cookbooks to see if they can sell them. More discussion will be had at the next meeting. We really need to sell all of these books. Thank You to Kathy Kiddoo for all she has done to sell our books. There was no report on the Bike and Hike.

New Business: Regent Kauk is looking for volunteers to help set up a website for the Jauflione Chapter NSDAR. This will be a site for just members of the Jauflione Chapter. Anyone who has the knowledge and is interested in helping do this project please see Regent Kauk. Everyone was asked to check their information in our handbooks. If there are corrections please let Regent Kauk know.

Regent Kauk passed around suggestions for subjects for programs for next year. Possible subjects are: Historic Preservation, Education and Patriotism. Any ideas will be welcome as we are preparing for our 2019-2020 Jauflione handbooks.

The MSSDAR State Conference is April 3-7, 2019 in Columbia Missouri. Regent Kauk will be attending this conference. Each chapter is asked to bring a basket for a silent auction. Regent Kauk asked for donation items for this basket. Our theme for the basket is “Summer Picnic”. Please drop off your items to June Kice by March 21st.  

Our program for this month was presented by Dr. Larry Wiggins. Dr. Wiggins spoke on the history of Memphis. We learned about many projects that Dr. Wiggins and his helpers have going at this time. Some of these projects are: The Pheasant Airplane, The Original Court House, The Old Baker Station, and The Townsend Wagon from the Townsend Wagon Factory. Dr. Wiggins also talked about the Philips Conveyor Company. We want to thank Dr. Wiggins for sharing all of the interesting history of our little town.

Meeting Adjourned.

Refreshments were served by Rhonda Davis and Treva Wittstock. Social hour was enjoyed by all.

  Recording Secretary

Rhonda Davis