As I am writing this, I remember my Mom telling the story of the day that my brother Keith was born in a small house in Antioch, Missouri. She said, of course the doctor had to come to the house for the delivery.   It was Dr. Grace Gray of Kahoka. In 1938, things were certainly different.  She said it was blackberry winter or near it, and they had to have the stove going as it was so chilly. 

So as I sit here, it is 66 degrees outside, and has been quite chilly in the mornings. I think the birds are wondering what’s going on as well. I have 3-4 hummingbirds so far, and have had Purple Martins come and go, 4-5 at a time.  I certainly wished they would stay.  I know my area has been hindered by the Raccoons.

My feeder is closed for the summer. I moved my feeding station to the one in yard, and power washed my front porch and removed all the sunflower hulls, etc. I could not keep the grackles and House Sparrows out of it.

I still have Cardinals here early in the morning and late in the evening.  I feel I have a bluebird building in one house in the front yard.  The sparrows are making themselves at home in my other nest box here in the yard. I tear it out, and 30 minutes later it’s back. I even have trouble with them eating the hummingbird nectar, and the Oriole jelly.  I have about 15 House Sparrows, and boy I would like them to go elsewhere.  Of course, our open shop is the problem. They even manage to get over on the trails, and build in at least two houses.

Right now, fingers crossed, I have 13 tiny bluebirds that recently hatched. I am taking all precautions to make sure nothing gets them. I have included a picture of the largest ones. All 5 of those particular eggs hatched.  Three out of four in another house and four out of four in the third house. As I told you in an earlier article, we did put guards on several of the houses. I have hopes this will help. It does not detour the Wrens that is for sure.  They make themselves right at home in bluebird boxes. I also have one Tree Swallow, and will leave it, as I don’t want them scaring the Blues away. I also have Chipping Sparrows close by and they visit the front porch daily, as well as a White Crowned Sparrow. 

I have one baby Goose at the lake. No Cabin Robin this year, so far.  I hope all of you are having an interesting spring and enjoying your feathered friends.  Until next time, good birdwatching.