SCAPP Pink Flamingo Flocking

In just a few days, pink flamingos will be soaring in and around Memphis, landing in flocks onto front lawns all over the county!

This fun fundraiser is being sponsored by the Scotland County After-Prom Parents to raise money for the 2017 After-Prom Event.  To prepare for the flocking frenzy, the organization purchased 100 pink flamingos.

Flamingo flocking has a variety of options.  First, the cost to “flock a friend” is $25/flock of 25 flamingos.  You can place one and up to four flocks in a yard.  Secondly, flocks will remain in a yard for 24 hours.  At this time, the person being flocked can choose to have the flock removed early and the cost to do so is $10 or they   can have them removed early and then moved to another yard of their choice for $30.  Of course, you can also wait out the 24 hour period and the pink flamingos will “fly off” on their own.

Anti-flocking insurance will also be available.  The cost to insure you won’t be flocked is $5.  You can also purchase the anti-flocking insurance after you’ve been flocked to insure you won’t be flocked again.

This fundraiser is meant to entertain and “annoy” your friends and neighbors through a spirit of fun-loving generosity.  These pretty pink birds are sure to bring a smile, and perhaps a giggle, to your morning if you wake up, with coffee in hand, and look out to see a flock decorating your front lawn!  To schedule a “flocking”, please call Tina McKee at 660-216-7734 or Matt McKee at 660-216-7735.