I saw something amazing early this morning. Seated at my McDonalds, well one of my McDonalds, I was in just the right bench at just the right time to see a remarkable moment.

I looked out the window across the parking lot near a dumpster. A homeless lady was putting on her shoes and headed inside. She took a seat directly in front of me. She sat occupied with some sort of a coloring book.

I watched. In a bit she went to the counter and got a cup of water only to return to her seat.

She was such a cute young lady. Although her hair was a mess, her clothes were in disarray, and her smile was riddled with rotted teeth, I could not help but notice just how special she surely is.

Debating what to do…if anything…I hesitantly called out from my pew behind her. She cautiously turned my way. “Friend, if I were to give you these six dollars, would you mind going over to the counter and buying you something for breakfast on the basis that you’ll bring me back the change?” I always ask them to return the change because I want them to know that I trust them.

Very carefully she nodded, took the money, placed the order, and returned…with my two dollars. This lady has a name. I don’t know it. God does. I’m grateful to God for how He helps us help others…and how others help us.

We take our turns, huh?