JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Preliminary data from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) shows that deer hunters in Missouri harvested 10,025 deer during the alternative-methods portion of the fall firearms deer season, which ran December 23 – January 2. Of the total harvest, 2,827 were antlered bucks, 1,312 button bucks, and 5,886 does.

During the alternative methods-portion, hunters may use muzzle-loading firearms, center-fire pistols, air-powered guns, bows, crossbows, or atlatls.

Top harvest counties were Howell with 249 deer harvested, Franklin with 215, and Oregon with 214.

Scotland County hunters checked in 104 deer, including 42 antlered bucks. A total of 84 deer were checked in by Knox County hunters, the same harvest total recorded by Clark County, while Schuyler County hunters recorded 57 deer harvest during the special season.

The harvest total for last year’s alternative-methods portion was 10,602 consisting of 2,787 antlered bucks, 1,496 button bucks, and 6,319 does.

Deer hunting continues for this season with statewide archery hunting through January 15.