This week’s weather… it is not nice to bring it up. I can imagine for those of you who wish to stay in with your children, or just home period, it has been quite the time. I mentioned fun crafts to my daughter, but I think they chose to bundle up and go out in the weather.  It’s called something like Cabin Fever.  I have enough to do at home that I could go quite a while without leaving.  Cleaning out drawers, closets, organizing your home office, and getting ready for spring eventually.  It will come quicker than you think, except now the children will be going to school a little later than scheduled.

The birds of all kinds have been so hungry and thirsty as the ground is covered completely with snow.  I have so enjoyed watching them.  Lots of color for sure.  I have had multiple pairs of Cardinals at the feeders and enjoy their burst of color against  the pure white snow.  God’s beauty for sure.  If you are close to your indoor shop, you could start working on new feeders or bird houses for the summer.  It will come, believe me.  I imagine there are those of us who are saying that if we ever get to summer, we will never complain about sweating or mowing the yard.  We will get it done.  I would love to mow the yard and plant flowers right now.  For now, I water my cactus garden in the basement, and try to keep a mandavilla alive, and other outdoor plants, and that’s my garden and flower fix for now. 

Have any of you made snow ice cream this season?  I have made it many times and its always good.  So exciting to see the kids watch the process.  Exciting.  Sled riding brings back memories for me.  Lots of fun on those old fashioned wood sleds.  Barb Neyens do you remember our sledding party?  Fun times.  Some of us are enjoying warmer weather for a bit and have lots of things to do  and people to see.  It’s fun to have warm weather friends and get to catch up with them and see what’s going on.  Until next time, good birdwatching.