Animosity can be a creeping villain within our hearts. We simply must curb its progress. I lived too many of my years feeling superior to others. I was wrong.

The Apostle Paul shut me down and opened me up…all in one breath. He insisted that he was the chiefest of sinners. This personal awareness for each of us transforms the church.

When I realized myself as the chiefest of sinners, ministry became authentic rather than obligatory. This is not only my secret; it is also yours.

When we see ourselves as did Paul, deep gratitude for the love of Jesus overwhelms us day by day. If, however, we see ourselves as better than others; mediocrity and inner aggravation toward others follow us; even stalk us.

Fooled me. The more I strove to own the image of “great” the less effective I became. Yet, when I realized that I was in last place compared to all others in the room, effective ministry finally came into focus.

Jesus’ power came not from his sermons; although they were excellent. His big move came from his cross… where he finished… least.

Our role is to follow closely the purpose, the manner, the fruit. If you really want to be effective for God, finish least.

Others need your forgiveness. The way to pull it off is to keep in mind that of those involved in the scene… you are the least among them. This heals relationships. Plus, it keeps our hearts in proper perspective.