I’m sympathetic to you. Yes, you; the one who is doing your best to make strides of progress only to get shot down by various surprises that you just didn’t see coming your way.

There is a way to make life pop. Too, there is a way to cause it to wilt. I know both from my own trail of ups and downs. Maybe I could cheer you forward a bit right now?

The wins and losses departments are neither hiding nor are they vague. Victory or defeat are waiting in the wings of each day. The Bible calls us to recognize their trails. Plus, it urges us to live from the Spirit one; the effective-for-life one.

Have you ever tried to do good only to get shot down for it? Oh, how very many times! Maybe someone’s resentment opposed you. Or, their bias maybe? Reality is that all of us encounter the uglies when we were so hopeful of accomplishing the beautifulies realm of being an acceptable and good person.

Why the continual opposition to our good works? Why is that?

The stress lies within the ruling spiritual world of mankind. Jesus and Satan both want us. Each of us casts the decisive vote as to which one receives our reliance. One will give us everything we want in order to temporarily distract us from the “real living” code. The other one will give us the life we desire; but only in the form of a punishing rugged cross… ours to carry.

No wonder it feels easier to skip the church concept. Who needs the stress? Yet, we need it…and will surely receive it…if we are serious about knowing, loving, and following the Son of God.

Ease just cannot be allowed to be the deciding factor. Not ever. Life is worth dying for so weigh in on the mean struggles. These are not something to shed. No, these very culprits are the opportunities before us to determine whether we will be productive…versus merely (and boringly, I might add) exist.

How can encouragement have so much discouragement in it? Well, consider that Jesus is the most life-giving person you know and he was beaten to death. Happiness, lasting fulfillment, will not come at us from any other venue. Death on our crosses means full anticipation that God will raise us to live in wow day by brutal day.

Victory was found years ago on a lonely hill. Hung out to dry, Jesus beat the system. I love that about church. Faith in His resurrection power wins over the religious system.