SCMH District Board Meeting – June 27, 2019 5:30 p.m. Amended

(On 6/18/19, this Tentative agenda was submitted for newspaper publishing. Amended 6/24/19. Added Items IV B, VIII, D and IX G.

I. Call to Order

A. Approval of Open Session Agenda

B. Approval of Executive Session Agenda        pursuant to Missouri Sunshine Law 610.021 Sections (1), Legal Matters (13) Individually identified personnel information.

II. Consent Agenda

A. Approval of May 23, 2019 Minutes and consent agenda items B-H.

B. CNO Report

C. HIM Update

D. HR Update

1) Employee Experience Committee

E. Material Mgmt.

F. RHC Report

G. Supervisor Mtg.

H. Contracts

1) Renewal – D&O Liability Coverage

2) Renewal – American Red Cross Contract

III. Public Comment

IV. Quality Corner

A. Committee Report

B. Patient Experience Committee

V. Financial Report

A. Finance Report

B Approval of June A/P –  action needed

VI. Administrative Report

VII CMO Report

VIII Old Business

A. Tree removal.

B. Reconfigure committee. action item.

C. EMS Separation Terms. Action item

D. 340B Program Status Update

IX. New Business

A. Bylaws Amendments- action item -See attachment

1) Article III, Section 3.2. Election of Officers.

2) Article IV,                       

a. Section 4.2 – Annual Meeting

b. Section 4.3 – Regular Meeting.

B. Budget Presentation -action item

1) Operating

2) Capital    

C. Revised P&P Review Process

D. Extend Depository Agreement

E. Rural Hospital Advocacy Team

F. Approve Manager Agreement for CQHP – Board action item

G. Board Correspondence – Filed with Board records.

X. Executive Session

A. Approval of May 23, 2019 Minutes

B. Personnel

C. Legal


XI. Adjournment