Where does the meat on your dinner table come from? A new local business is planning to simplify the answer to that question.

Missouri Meat Processing, LLC, set to open in July near Rutledge, will be offering custom butchering, bringing local livestock directly into the food chain in just one stop. Owners and operators Calvin and Ada Marie Hoover will open for business on July 2nd. It is located at 26812 County Road 161, the old blacktop that heads north off Route M, just east of Rutledge.

Calvin has nearly five years of experience working at Rutledge Meats as well as Iowa Custom Butchering of Milton, IA.

He will be using that experience to offer custom butchering for beef and pork as well as venison.

“If you are a fan of eating steaks and roast, custom butchering can certainly be a win for you on the cost savings side,” said Hoover.

Of course one of the biggest benefits of utilizing such services is the complete knowledge of where the meat originated.

“The customer knows where the animal came from, how it has been treated, what it has been fed, and whether or not any medications had been used,” he said.

Hoover also points to special finishes as another key benefit to the custom process.

“The availability of smoked meats, such as hams, and pork chops is a big plus not to mention bologna’s for sandwich meats,” he said.

Hoover said Tuesday will be the weekly kill day, when carcasses will be created and hung in the cooler.

“Once in the cooler we recommend leaving the hog carcass cool for at least three days but no more than 10,” said Hoover. “A nice beef carcass is best if hung in cooler for one to two weeks. After this amount of time the carcass can start deteriorating even in the  34 degree temperature. I would normally not recommend aging over two weeks.”

Missouri Meat Processing will offer complete processing services. Options will include ground hamburger for beef in one or two pound bags as well as hamburger patties, in addition to a variety of sausage options for pork, such as breakfast, rope or patties, as well as bulk bagging in one pound increments.

“We are also planning to offer some different choices of bologna, as we are doing our best to come up with our favorite recipes,” said Calvin.

And while most of his work experience has been with beef and pork, Calvin said he is open to working with sheep and goats as well to handle the growing meat market in those livestock lines.

Missouri Meat processing will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment only.

Initial pricing will offer bee slaughtering for $49 and hog slaughtering for $35, with processing for $0.49 a pound. Processing for sheep and goats will be $69 with deer processing available for $89, with a 440 cape fee for hides and $10 per week freezer charge.

Additional pricing includes tenderizing for $0.19 per pound, $0.75 per pound for curing and $0.49 per pound for processes meat patties.

Vacuum packing will be available for $0.25 per pound.

Breakfast or rope sausage processing will be $0.29 per pound, with smoked meats costing an extra $0.69 per pound, Fresh side will be $0.189 per pound with scrapple available for $0.69 per pound and lard for $1.09 per pound.

For more information contact the store at 660-342-8534.