I wanted to thank your Police Department. I had a tire blow out last week on Highway 136 just outside of Memphis.  Of course this had to happen in the middle of the night, and I know NO one in that area as I live over two hours away. 

The Sheriff’s Office dispatch was able to get me phone numbers to repair facilities and your officer (Bill Holland) was kind enough to come out to direct traffic and assist.  He stayed until I was back on the road, and was very polite and professional. He had no idea I was a fellow law enforcement officer and it wouldn’t have mattered, as I’m sure he’d have done the same for any person in need of assistance.

The tow service I originally called was unable to assist but did give me a number to Holton Tire Repair. They were able to get me fixed up and back on the road and were VERY fair on pricing.  That is another rarity, seems like too many have found road side repair as a time to gouge a person who has limited options.  As a side note the tow service (Lakeside I think?)  Called the next day just to make sure I got helped out.

I guess overall I’d just like to share that I had a VERY positive experience in Memphis, MO, and am very thankful for those that were willing to help a stranger.

Sgt. Joe Nickell T347

Iowa Department of Transportation