Scotland County Health Department recognizes National Public Health Week April 4th thru 10th by promoting this year’s theme, “Healthy Missouri 2030: Making Communities Stronger”.

Social, environmental and individual factors influence our health as well as the opportunity to make healthy choices.

“We all have a role to play in making our communities healthier places and Scotland County Health Department is excited to help lead the way to a healthier Missouri,” said Margaret Curry, Administrator.

National Public Health Week is celebrated the first week of April each year. Good personal health is made easier through good public health. Public health works to make healthy individual choice the easy, safe choice in your community. The Scotland County Health Department works with partners within the community to assist in promoting, educating and protecting Missourians’ health and safety.

During National Public Health Week, the focus is on five daily themes.  As we celebrate the accomplishments public health has made over the years, we focus on these public health facts:

  • Build a nation of safe, healthy communities – Health must be a priority in designing our communities, from healthy housing to parks and playgrounds.
  • Help all young people graduate from high school – Education is the leading indicator of good health, giving people access to better jobs, incomes and neighborhoods.
  • The relationship between increased economic mobility and better health – It’s time to fix our country’s growing income inequality and the unhealthy stresses it puts on adults and children.
  • Social justice & health – Everyone has the right to good health. We must remove barriers so everyone

has the same opportunity to improve their lives and their health.

  • Give everyone a choice of healthy food – Our food system should provide affordable food with nutritious ingredients, free from harmful contaminants.
  • Preparing for the health effects of climate change – Our health is connected to our environments. What happens upstream to our environments at work, school and home affects our health downstream.
  • Provide quality health care for everyone – Health reform was just a start. To fulfill its potential, we must continue to pursue options for expanded access to quality care at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Strengthen the public health infrastructure – Strong and consistent funding levels are necessary for the public health system to respond to both everyday health threats and unexpected health emergencies.

For more information, contact the Scotland County Health Department at 660-465-7275.