Growers in the Scotland County area will now have more choices when it comes to fulfilling their hybrid corn, soybean, alfalfa, sorghum and sunflower seed needs. Brian Harvey has partnered with NuTech Seed, LLC to provide growers a wide range of genetically diverse, high performing products.

As a NuTech Seed Dealer, Harvey strives to continue building genuine, respectful, mutually beneficial relationships with growers in the Scotland County area as he partners in their farming operations.  Harvey knows how to select products that are right for growers’ fields.   As a NuTech Seed Dealer, Harvey will offer an exciting opportunity for growers to choose from NuTech Seed’s portfolio of products, sourced from several different genetic suppliers within the seed industry. Growers also have choices in technologies as NuTech Seed has access to one of the largest germplasm pools available.

Founded in 2001, NuTech Seed is passionate for its growers’ success, partnering in their operations by providing quality products with outstanding performance. NuTech Seed’s enterprising mindset facilitates dynamic relationships, which positions the brand as a leading seed company in the US. At NuTech Seed, we believe a winning attitude paired with a high level of integrity is our greatest asset, and we are committed, every day, to simplify business and do the right things right. NuTech Seed leads product selection with performance, followed by technologies. That repeatable performance is demonstrated through multiple wins, year after year, in F.I.R.S.T. and university trials. NuTech Seed provides a diverse product portfolio that includes hybrid corn with five genetically different trait types and conventional/Non-GMO products, five soybean technologies, two sunflower herbicide choices, plus grain, forage and sudangrass sorghum products, as well as premium and value-added alfalfa products.

NuTech Seed and Brian Harvey are devoted to delivering on their brand commitment to their growers’ successes. With a product portfolio backed by multiple years of testing through DuPont/PROaccess and NuTech Seed, growers in Scotland County can be confident that NuTech Seed is the right choice for maximizing profit per acre and increasing yield.

For more information, contact Brian Harvey at 660-299-0003 or visit NuTech Seed online at On social media, follow NuTech Seed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.