The Happy Red Hatters of Downing met, December 13th, at Keith’s in Memphis, MO for lunch.

We had no hostesses for the December meeting, we just enjoyed the day.

 Those present were Virginia Mullinix, Louise Newland, Barbara Blessing, Betty Herbert, Carolyn Schmitter, Rosalie Kinney, Anita Jackson, Maudie Oliver, Arlene Stice, Betty Anderson, and Carol Scurlock.

We enjoyed visiting and catching up on Christmas. Hostesses for 2019 were set.

The January 10th meeting will be held at The Hammermill in Downing, MO.

The Happy Red Hatters of Downing met November 8th at the Hammer Mill in Downing for lunch. Lena Gallagher was hostesses.

Those present were Betty Anderson, Lena Gallagher, Barbara Blessing, Marilyn Blessing, Arlene Stice, Louise Newland, Virginia Mullinix, Margaret Mobley, Anita Jackson, Rosalie Kinney and Carolyn Schmitter.

Lena read some cute and humorous sayings from T-shirts.