The Happy Red Hatters of Downing met February 12, 2015 at The Hammermill in Downing, MO for lunch. Hostesses were Sherri Laws and Maudie Oliver.

Those present were Lena Gallagher, Darlene Gunnel, Margaret Mobley, Marilyn Blessing, Betty Anderson, Sherri Laws, Arlene Stice, Louise Newland, Glennis Ward, Virginia Mullinix, Anita Jackson, Rosalie Kinney, and Maudie Oliver.

Marilyn read some Blonde jokes and Rosalie read a poem “Heart Prints” and a very humorous letter that was found in Nelda Kinney’s papers.

The March 12, 2015 meeting will be held at The Hammemill. Hostesses will be Lena Gallagher and Marilyn Blessing.