The Wigs With Love fundraiser is helping provide hair care for local cancer patients.

by Andrea Brassfield

Michele Garnett, owner of Hair Co in Memphis, recalls sitting in her salon with her good friend, Suzie Lister, one year ago, visiting about cancer and all the people they personally knew who were fighting this terrible disease.  Their good friend, Charlie, had just been diagnosed and was in the hospital.

As is often the case, people feel helpless when their family and friends are suffering from something and they just want to do something to help.  “I had thought about a way to help cancer patients with wigs, because no one with cancer should have to pay for a wig.”  Michele explained.  “We know that the Cancer Society will give you one, but it is difficult for people in the midst of this terrible diagnosis and treatment, to go and pick out a wig that is right for them.”

Michele knew that Charlie’s wife, Beth would also be “on board’ with this effort, not only because of Charlie’s experiences, but because she had always loved helping people with wigs.  In the past, the ladies at Hair Co had already helped people with their wigs by contacting friends and family who might want to help out.

As they were visiting, Suzie prompted Michele to move forward with her idea.  She handed Michele a basket and told her to use it for donations and Michele’s son Brandon, who was also visiting, took out his wallet and handed her $20, giving Michele her first Wigs of Love donation.  She could feel her heart swell and knew it was time to make her idea a reality!

Michele started the Wigs of Love campaign by posting her idea to Facebook, letting everyone know that wig donations could be brought to Hair Co and that anyone in need would get a wig consult, a wig, a wig stand and a wig cap.  Also, when it was time to shave off remaining hair, Hair Co would provide that service at no cost.

Within two days, enough money had been donated to purchase two wigs.  “My heart grew with pride,” stated Michele.  “Since that day, we have helped eight ladies with wigs and making a big decision in their steps to recovery.”  Michele also wants this to be a service that men will seek.  Though losing their hair may not be as hard on them, she remembers watching Charlie hate to see his hair fall out.

Michele hopes this project continues to help our community and says, “As we know too many people are being diagnosed with cancer and any little thing we can do helps.”

If you know anyone who needs this service, have them call Michele, Beth or Kaela at 660-465-7700 to set up a personal consult.  Also, if you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please stop by and leave your money at Hair Co.