The Gorin Go-Getters 4-H Club received the Outstanding 4-H Club award at the 2013 4-H Recognition Event held November 9th at Scotland County R-I High School.

The Gorin Go-Getters 4-H Club received the Outstanding 4-H Club award at the 2013 4-H Recognition Event held November 9th at Scotland County R-I High School.

The Annual Scotland County 4-H Soup Supper and Recognition Event took place on Saturday evening, November 9th, at the Scotland County High School Commons.  Tasha Eggleston-Wood,  4-H Council President, called the meeting  to order.  Owen Triplett, 4-H Prince, lead the pledges  and then everyone ate.

The program started with Kyle Mohr, 4-H Council Vice President,  presenting Clover Kids with pins, certificates and small Frisbees. Clover Kids receiving pins were:  Unit 1, James (Hugh) Baker, Kara Bulen, Hannah Campbell, Dawson Craine, Madigan Frederick, Elsie Kigar, and Mason Mallett.  Unit 2, Levi Aeschliman,  Holly Mauck, Katie Offutt, Layne Stott,  Unit 3, Bryn Aylward, Hanna Anders, Corbin Blessing, Ethan Blessing, Penelope Cline, Abby Doster, and Brianna Kraus.

4-H members who turn in their project records get member year pins.  The year pins were sponsored by the Exchange Bank and presented by Kristy Eggleston-Wood. Those Azen Jolly Timers 4-H members receiving year pins were:  First year, Dylan Karsch, Eric Mohr, Second year, Kenny Bair, Third year, Kaden Anders, Mitch Kraus, Ariel Quenneville, Fourth year, Brock Aylward, Fifth year, Nova Cline,  Kyle Mohr, Seventh year, Hayley Dalton, Eric Dalton, Kylee Johnston, Eighth year, Tasha Eggleston-Wood and Taylar Eggleston-Wood.  Those Gorin Go-Getters 4-H members receiving year pins were:  First year, Lauren Triplett, Owen Triplett, Second year, Bobbi Darcy, Clara Davis, Kylee Stott, Third year, Kaylyn Anders, Jenna Blessing, Morgan Blessing, Sadie Davis, Anna Triplett, Parker Triplett, Fourth year, Abby Blessing, Haley Darcy, Luke Triplett, Sixth year, Lane Pence, Tenth  and final year, Paige McClamroch.  Those Jolly Jacks and Jills 4-H members receiving year pins were, First year, Eli Kigar, Corbin Kirchner, Second year, Kilee Bradley-Robinson, Third year, Tylar Baker, Fourth year, Conner Wiggins, Seventh year, McKaela Bradley, Eighth year, Keenan Bradley, Tenth year, Brice Cowell.   Those Missouri Mischiefs 4-H members receiving year pins were, Alyssa Clair and Connor Payne.

The Exchange Bank also sponsors leader pins.   Leader pins were presented to first, five, 10, 15 and 20-year leaders.  First year leaders receiving pins were, Lisa Doster, John Fleshner, Alisa Kigar, Jim Kigar, Michelle Mallett, Jeffery Davis, Michella Hull.  Year five leaders receiving pins were, Michelle Van Gorkum, Marye (Kate) Cline and Curtis  Mallett.  Sarah McSparren received a 10-year pin and David and RaElla Wiggins, each received a 15-year pin. Bruce Childress received a 20-year pin.

Scotland County 4-H members participated in the State Shooting Sports event.  The Shooting Sports awards, sponsored by the Missouri 4-H Center for Positive Youth Development, were presented by Sarah McSparren, Shooting Sports Coordinator.  Patches for first year members were presented to Brock  Aylward, Kenny Bair, Bobbi  Darcy, Emily Hilpert, Kylee Johnston, Dylan Karsch, Eli Kigar, Eric Mohr, Kyle Mohr, and William Montgomery. Members receive a bar for each year they participated in the shooting sports contest.  Those members receiving bars were: Kaden Anders, Brock Aylward, Kenny Bair, Brice Cowell, Brady Curry, Zachery Curry, Bobbi Darcy, Emily Hilpert, Tristen Hilpert, Austin Howes, Justin Hull, Kylee Johnston, Dylan Karsch, Eli Kigar, Mitchel Kraus, Paige McClamroch, Eric Mohr,  Kyle Mohr, William Montgomery, Connor Payne, Lane Pence, Avery Shultz, Gabe  Shultz, Luke Triplett, Tori Ward and Clifford Whitaker.

Ribbons that 4-H members received at the State Shoot were: .22 Rifle-standard 4p – Blue – Kaden Anders, Brice Cowell, Eli Kigar, Connor Payne, Gabe Shultz; Red – Luke Triplett;  White – Brady Curry,  Eric Mohr. .22 Rifle-Aperture 4P – White – Brock Aylward, Avery Shultz.  Skeet, Senior A – Red – Kenny Bair, Zachery Curry, Austin Howes, Tristen Hilpert;  White – Mitchel Kraus.  Skeet, Senior B – Red – Brice Cowell; Skeet, Intermediate A –  Red – Lane  Pence; White – Clifford Whitaker, Justin Hull.  Trap Intermediate, Novice – Red – Connor Payne; White –  Dylan Karsch, Kyle Mohr, Lane Pence. Sporting Clays – Blue – Kenny Bair, Lane Pence; Red – Brice Cowell, Zachery Curry, Justin Hull, Connor Payne; White – Kylee Johnston,  Kyle Mohr, Tori Ward;  Archery – Amer 600 Compound – Red – Bobbi  Darcy; White – Tori Ward. Aug Compound –Release aids – Red – Tori Ward. 3D Archery, Compound – Red – Bobbi Darcy. BB-Any rifle – Red –  Brady Curry. Hunting Skills – Blue – Eric Mohr, Connor Payne; Red – Eli Kigar, Luke Triplett.

Report form Awards:  Beef, Taylar Eggleston-Wood, Tasha Eggleston-Wood, Parker Triplett, Cat Care, Conner Wiggins, Dog, Tasha Eggleston-Wood, Shooting Sports, Lane Pence, Arts & Crafts, Clara Davis, Citizenship, Conner Wiggins, Goats, Anna Triplett, Horse Kylee Johnston, Kylee Stott, Swine, Anna Triplett, Taylar Eggleston-Wood, Sheep, Sadie Davis, Wildlife, Lane Pence  and Wood Science, Owen Triplett.     Junior Achievement Awards are sponsored by Hopkins Lumber Company and RPM. The girl receiving the Junior Achievement award was Anna Triplett and the boy was Brock Aylward.  The Senior Achievement Award sponsored by the Community Bank of Memphis was awarded to Kylee Johnston.  The Table setting award bells went to Katie Parsons, formal table setting, and Alexis Dodge, informal table setting.  Club seals for secretary books were gold for Jolly Jacks & Jills and Silver for Gorin Go-Getters and Missouri Mischiefs.

4-H Members who give a demonstration at Achievement Day receive an award at Recognition Event.  The members receiving demonstration awards were:  Brock Aylward, Abby Blessing, Jenna Blessing, Morgan Blessing, Alexis Dodge, Haley Darcy, Tasha Eggleston-Wood, Taylar Eggleston-Wood, Kara Mallett, Katie Parsons, Kylee Stott, Anna Triplett, Luke Triplett, Owen Triplett, Parker Triplett, Tori Ward and Conner Wiggins.   Awards were presented to members who participated in Extemporaneous Speaking and Public Speaking at Achievement day.  Members receiving those awards were Abby Blessing, Jenna Blessing, Alyssa Clair, Alexis Dodge, Bobbi Darcy, Tasha Eggleston-Wood, Eric Mohr, Connor Payne, Anna Triplett, Lauren Triplett, Luke Triplett, Owen Triplett, Parker Triplett, Tori Ward and Eli Kigar.

Clubs fill out a form with the Community Service projects they do and they receive a seal from the State 4-H Office for the amount of members participating in the events.  The Azen Jolly Timers and the Missouri Mischiefs received silver seals and the Jolly Jacks and Jills received a purple seal.  Each year the Scotland County 4-H Council selects two Friends of 4-H, one a business and the other one a person.  Anna Triplett, 2013 4-H Princess, presented the Exchange Bank with a plaque honoring them as a Friend of  4-H.  Kyle Mohr, 4-H council Vice President, Presented Kristy Eggleston-Wood with the Friend of 4-H Plaque for an individual.  The Gorin Go-Getters 4-H Club received the Outstanding 4-H Club award.

The Recognition Event was followed by a 4-H Council Meeting.

Submitted By Patricia Wiggins, Scotland County Youth Program Assistant.