The first meeting of the 2015-16 4-H year held by the Gorin Go-Getters took place in the Scotland County R-I Elementary Gym on September 9, 2015. President Luke Triplett called the meeting to order. After the pledges were said, Secretary Anna Triplett called roll. Following that, she gave a Secretary’s Report and Parker Triplett gave the Treasurer’s Report. Morgan Blessing and Hugh Baker gave a 4-H Council Report. The Antique Fair report was given.

Due to having no old business, President Luke Triplett moved on to new business. He announced that Sale and Premium checks are available at the Extension office. He requested that the club members pick their checks up if they haven’t done so yet.

Luke also mentioned that the next 4-H Council Meeting would be held on September 16 at 7:00. Officer elections would be held as well as planning for 4-H Week.

The club discussed 4-H Week. This year 4-H Week will be October 4-11. More information will come after the council meeting. The club set up a 4-H Sunday committee. The committee will plan a meal that the club will host for the Gorin Christian Church members in thanks for letting us use their building for meetings.

At the meeting, it was announced that Pat and Karen from the Extension Office would be hosting a “forms” training session on September 10, 2015 at 7:00 at the courthouse. They discussed project records/recognition forms and what should be included on these forms. Those attending were split into groups: 8-10 year olds and 11+. These forms, as well as the Secretary and Treasurer books, are due in the extension office by October 1. There are blank forms in the back of the Clover or online.

The fair superintendents met on September 3 for the post fair meeting. Planning has begun for the 2016 Fair. If any of the club members have suggestions, they should see any of the superintendents and let them know.

The election of officers was held. Luke Triplett was re-elected as President, Katie Parsons as Vice President, Anna Triplett as Secretary, Hugh Baker as Historian, Sadie Davis as Reporter, Beau Triplett as 4-H Council Representative, Brock Durflinger as Game Leader, Hannah Campbell as Song Leader, Lauren Triplett and Carlee Smith as Craft Leaders, and Sadie Davis as Parliamentarian. Parker Triplett will keep his current office as Treasurer. Officers will be installed at the October meeting.

After some discussion by the club on when the next meeting should be, we decided on having it after the 4-H Sunday meal on October 11 beginning at 1:00. Before the conclusion of the meeting, the club planned their annual hayride for October 4.