The Gorin Volunteer Fire Department hosted special training on January 15th related to the use of thermal imagery.

Chad Dailey, lead instructor from the Missouri Department of Public Safety Division of Fire Safety, presented the training.

“Thermal imaging can be a misunderstood discipline,” he stated. “It is of immense value in functional mitigation, but is accompanied by inherent dangers.”

He explained the dangers are most often associated with misinterpreting the display and deficient appreciation for the camera’s intrinsic limitations.

The training class demonstrated the benefits afforded to the common fire ground functions by imaging, alongside the limitations and possible problems that can result in unsuccessful suppression efforts and even endangering of firefighters.

The four hour course was organized by Gorin Fire Department Chief Kenneth Hoover through the University of Missouri Extension and the Fire and Rescue Training Institute.

” Instructors came from Kansas City to teach this class, which was also attended by the Rutledge Fire Department.,” Hoover said. “It was good training. We learned a lot.”